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A Cover of my upcoming comic
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Post#1  Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:10 am  Reply with quote + 
For those of you who know me in deviantART, I'm starting a Bomberman 64 comic called the "Bomberman 64 The Gender Bender Story." Due to my fascination with Bomberman and gender bender, I just had to make a comic out of it. Yes, I know the anatomy is very very sucky, but it's one of my weaknesses :sad:  . Also when I did the background, I was very very very lazy, so it looks really rushed.

Things to improve on:

1) Arms, legs, bodies, pretty much everything ._.
3) The hairstyles of all the characters.

Regulus looks pretty squashed because he was drawn last :oops:  also Orion's hair is really ugly, (it's the brown thing behind him). Bomberman's neck is too big too. :cry: 

Basically the comic is about the B64 cast waking up in the opposite genders. You'll defiantly see a major improvement once I start doing the prologue of the comic...which won't be until I do the script, which I haven't started on :hilarious:  .

P.S. If you have good eyes, you can see that Bomberman has dark purple eyeshadow.

She's a maniac~
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