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Bomber Mania : Bomb Mania
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Post#1  Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2022 8:06 am  Reply with quote + 

Compete with your friends. Become monster hunters.

Bomber mania - free app on google play

The game will challenge you and give you a frenzy of emotions.

Your character bomber runs through the levels and places bombs, capturing enemies and destroying walls.

To complete the level, you must destroy everyone and find the portal to the next level.

Get more money that you can use for purchases and bonuses.

Power up your character.

Many types of enemies with different skills. They will haunt you. Beware, some may shoot.

For each level you will be given time, and if you do not have time to find a way out. Then an elite team of enemies will come for you.

Become the leader in the online bombsquad table

Monster games are dangerous, be careful
 YouTube Video

link on Google Play
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