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Super Bomberman R 1.5 and other future updates
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Post#1  Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:36 pm  Reply with quote + 
Just want to start off by saying I got a Switch recently and have been loving this game way more than I ever expected, What I came into merely for a serviceable Bomberman game has quickly become one of my favorites, The new leveling/layer mechanic allows for some interesting strategies, and a lot of the new maps are tons of fun because of how the game takes advantage of it, seriously Bomberman R has a very diverse set of maps and to my knowledge currently the most in a single Bomberman title.

The tweaks to much of the older mechanics are also great, a few examples being bombs no longer constantly bounce off of soft blocks so it's harder to abuse early bomb throws or punches, and that Revenge cart bombs that chain into other bombs count as the Revenge players kill, what I mean is that you can no longer get trapped by a revenge cart bomber, and then set a bomb to prevent them from returning.

This game just feels really good, they got the chaining/bomb-linking down just as it should be and even blocking a bomb's firepower with your own has made a return.
Aside from core gameplay the music is awesome, and I really enjoyed the story mode despite how short it was, fun bosses and interesting level design while it lasted, I really enjoy how much personality this game has in comparison to previous titles in the franchise, The Bomberman bros. have distinct appearances and personalities, and I feel a lot of effort was put into making their simple characters pop, so much so that they are very likable despite how simplistic they are, the story even starts to show a greater amount of depth around world 4 to the end, I generally want to see the future Bomberman titles, run with this rebooted universe, and just adapt games like Bomberman 64 and it's sequels into the mix.

Anyways though, the game apparently isn't done receiving updates, according to this interview which came around sometime after 1.4 was announced, and mentions 1.5.

Seeing as Konami has done a great job making improvements to this game and listening to the fans regarding it, I felt like listing some things I'd like to see in a future update.

- More characters

(Preferably from previous Bomberman games.), I would love to see characters like Max, Honey, The Bomber Kings from SB4, and more join Bomberman R as unlockable characters. As for Konami guests, Snake, Goemon, and Sparkster all come to mind.

- CPU selection
I think you should be able to choose who you want the CPU to play as, Currently it always picks one of the Bomberman Bros.

- The 8 Bomberman Bros. should have distinct special abilities
They went through the effort of making them all feel really individual except for in this regard, I feel like they should all have some kind of unique skill to make them stand out, Even the Bomberman Jetters game knew to give Bomberman some kind of special move to counter the other characters that had them.

- Handicap and Item selection
Like previous Bomberman installments, players should be able to preset Power-Ups and/or extra hit points to their characters before battle, back in the day this allowed for some really interesting rulesets and battles, You should also be able to choose what items will appear in stages and how many of each there will be as you could in older titles.

- Random Stage selection
Bomberman R should definitely have a random button for indecisive people like me, I also enjoy how the random button in previous games didn't just pick a stage, it kept making every match take place on a new Battlefield, something like that should totally be in Bomberman R.

- Rounds as an option instead of Sets
In Bomberman Blast, there was a setting in which Every game wasn't played till a set amount of wins, instead there was a limited number of rounds and you played until all of which were over, instead of trophies players recieved points based on their actions and results in battle, with score being added or subtracted based on how many power-ups/downs collected, how much you moved, how many kills you earned, when you died, if you came back from revenge, and much, much more variables, with the most points obviously being handed out for winning the match, anyways whoever had the most points after all the rounds had passed was the winner, This is definitely something I'd like to see make a return.

- Mounts/Riding Creatures
Obviously this one would take the most effort, but this is something I'd love to see added to the game, Riding creatures was so fun back in the older Bomberman games, and we haven't seen it make a return in years, For those that don't enjoy them mounts would totally be made into an optional setting, and they wouldn't be involved in ranked games.

- Team Ranked Battle
as simple as it sounds, split in categories, 2v2, 3v3 4v4, 2v2v2v2

- More Single Player/Co-Op content.
Games like Saturn Bomberman, Bomberman Online, and Bomberman World, Bomberman DS 2, and Bomberman Jetters did great in providing extra single player modes, Heck even Bomberman 64 TSA did a good job having extra single player challenges in it's multiplayer mode, I feel like Bomberman R could benefit from some kinds of Challenge modes, like Bomber Mansion, Master Challenge, and more from any of these games.

- Literally any other mode besides straightforward bombing
The gold standards in this regard are, Bomberman 64 The second Attack, Bomberman Online, Bomberman Generation, Bomberman Jetters, and Bomberman Blast. All of these games had plenty going on besides the standard battle affair, examples like Reversi Battle, Coin Battle, Count down, Knockout Battle, Kings and Knights, the list goes on in these games, Literally anything like this in Bomberman R would be neat.

- Costumes
probably the last thing I actually care to see make it in, but the hats are cool, customizing our individual Bombers beyond that wouldn't be bad at all, I understand the difficulty being that everyone has different appearances, animations etc. now, but if games like TEKKEN can pull it off I can't see a reason why Bomberman couldn't.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but what about you guys? obviously I don't expect anywhere near all of that to be added to the game, but I definitely think a lot of it should be taken into consideration, This could help change Bomberman R from simply one of my favorite Bomberman games, to one of the best Bomberman games.

I also really want to get a follow-up that continues where we left off from this game, but plays like a true successor to Bomberman 64 and it's sequel the Second Attack, basically combining the best elements from both into one title, this is why I didn't mention Altair or the Astral knights as requested DLC Bombers, as I assume they'd be playable in a 64 style sequel.

Please Konami, If Bombergirl can exist than another 64 style game should totally be an option.
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