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A more challenging way to battle against the computer player
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Post#1  Posted: Sat May 17, 2014 2:44 pm  Reply with quote + 
I was playing against the computer player in many multiplayer bomberman games, and i did stop playing after winning a single time.

Wait, stop playing isn't a good thing.

So, after some time thinking, i found a way to battle more with the computer player: Putting my wins and loses in a paper to see how i'm doing.

How i do it:
Every battle with 3-trophies is a game.
Remember this?

berrybob: 3 wins
com1: 2 wins
com2:1 wins

In this game, i won 3 times, the first computer won 2 times and the other computer won 1 time.

But i don't need to put the wins for each computer. (computer players are all the same) So, add all computer wins. In this example, the computers won 3 times. (Because 2+1=3)

So, i win 3 times and lost 3 times. This is a game.

Do 5 games. Yes. Play 5 games!

After all this, add all wins and add all loses for the 5 games. For example, i got 15 wins and 7 loses.

Then add the wins plus the loses. This is the total. In the example above, i got a total of 22.

Finally, divide the wins with the total. 15 / 22 is... uh... i need a calculator... hmm... 15/22 is 0,68. This is your score.

After this, try to get a better score. Yeah, it's quite boring to put in your score. At least it's better than playing the computer players for nothing.

Edit: Putting all this on a normal paper isn't good. It's way better to put in a paper notepad (Not the computer's notepad).

If you don't have one, you can buy one, or make one.
Making a notepad is easy.

1-You need retangle papers (A4 size is a good example), a scissor, a pencil or pen and a stapler.

2- You need to cut your paper in 4 pieces. So, use your pen/pencil to mark where you will cut. If you can, you can cut in 8 pieces, but it's a lot harder to do.

3-cut the papers.

4-Put 8 pieces together and use the stapler to glue them together. Your notepad is ready!

One thing: Paper notepad is better because you can use it anywhere. And it doesn't need any energy. (The computer needs electricity).

Edit 2: If you did a perfect score of 1,00, your next goal is to make more perfect scores.

I also did make ranks depending on your score. It's just for achievement, but it's fun to say what rank you are.

-Rank zero (Newbie): You start here.
-Rank 1 (Beginner): Get a score of 42% or more.
-Rank 2 (Normal): Get a score of 60% or more.
-Rank 3 (Experienced): Get a score of 75% or more.
-Rank 4 (Hard): Get a score of 88% or more.
-Rank 5 (Expert): Get your first perfect score of 100%.
-Rank 6 (Elite): Get 2 perfect scores in a row.
-Rank 7 (Master): Get 5 perfect scores in a row.

I'm still on Hard rank when i posted this message.
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