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Laptop RMA's are a pain.
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Post#1  Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:07 pm  Reply with quote + 
Ugh, early in January my laptop just started failing like crazy and would either crash with a random screen color (can't be a stop error because sometimes music will still play for a minute before crashing for real, or it would just not boot. A local tech guy said it was likely a MoBo issue, but when I sent an RMA to ASUS (the laptop was made by them), they told me that it was a VGA issue.

Either way, that's 155$ down the drain (and another 50$ just to ship it across the country). :|

At first I was about to rage when they were going to charge me 450$ to service the laptop (I might as well build a new desktop for that much lol), especially after telling me over the costumer service that it would cost an estimated 175$ before I even shipped the thing.

But after emailing them nearly two months later asking what the hell was taking so long to respond once they got it and whether they can just do the repairs on the bare necessity parts (I can always buy a new battery or just use the AC cord), they offered to repair just the problem parts (They were going to fix the LCD and the Battery as well, which cost that extra 300$), even gave me a discount on the service and offered to ship it back to me for free to boot.

So now I've coughed up the money, and they seem to be working on it as I type this. I cannot wait to get it back, as I can't stand not being able to play my old games with 60 FPS. :B
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