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Spell Checker Information
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Post#1  Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:47 am  Reply with quote + 
This topic has been created to help expand the spell checker dictionary and to explain how all of the functions for it work.

Spell Checker Guide

Correct / All: This will correct the highlighted word with the word that's typed in the word correction text field, and correct all will correct all of the instances of the highlighted word throughout the message.

Ignore / All: This will ignore the highlighted word, and ignore all will make it ignore all of the instances for that highlighted word in the message.

Definition: This will open new window to a dictionary page which contains a definition for the word that's typed in the word correction field.

Learn/Unlearn: This will add the selected word to the cookies on your computer, so until you clean your cookies out on that browser or around a year or more passes without using it, the learned highlighted word won't show up as a typo anymore.

Check Word: This will check the word that's typed in the word correction text field, if it's not found in the dictionary then it will provide a list of similar sounding words as a suggestion in most cases.

OK / Cancel: Pressing ok will make it accept the changes to the message and update the message text in the forum window, pressing cancel or closing the spell checker window will discard all changes prepared for the message by the spell checker.

Reload: This will reload the spell checker page, and any changes that were made while it was open will be lost.

Reset Learn Words: This will remove any of the learned words for the spell checker, which were saved to the local cookies on the browser on your computer.

Selecting Words: In the message display area any mis-spelled words will be highlighted with a color according to the current state of it, and the currently selected word will be underlined. They can be clicked on to select them, or navigated to with the buttons in the top right corner, which displays the remaining total corrections left to make overall and for the currently selected word. Any previously corrected words can be clicked on to access them again, which allows you to make further changes or undo any changes that have already been made to it.

The color coding for the words is red for all potentially mis-spelled words that were found, a lighter tint of red for other instances of the currently selected word, green for corrected words, gray for ignored words, and learned words will become the normal message text color.

Keyboard Navigation: You can navigate between the spellchecker buttons and text fields by utilizing the tab, enter and arrow keys, the currently selected field will be highlighted with a color to show where you are. However to access the suggestion list by keyboard you need to use tab or tab+shift keys, after that the arrow keys can be used to select different suggestions.

You can scroll in the message text area by pressing alt + up or down arrow keys, or you can scroll farther distances with alt + page up or page down keys, or scroll to the top or bottom of the message by using the alt + home or end keys. And You can navigate between the total words by pressing alt + left and right arrow keys, or between the current word with alt + shift + left or right arrow keys.

Current Known Issues: The Check Word button will return that the word wasn't found if the word has a hyphen or a space in it, this will be fixed at a later time.

You can just post any words in this topic that you find are missing, or think that should be added to the spell checker dictionary. Also you can report any possible issues that you may run into with it.

On a side note it's always wise to check over your posts yourself, as the spell checker is not perfect and can miss certain kinds of typos. Also it will only correct incorrect words, and it will not check for grammar related corrections so you'll have to do that yourself.
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