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View Single Post Topic: SPOILER EDITION: Super Bomberman R
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Post#50  Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:48 am  Reply with quote + 
Don't worry, I had to re-read it myself just now because what the frakkadoo did I even blabber about.

RE: tag match -- I really don't think it did, because I feel like I checked to make sure I wasn't completely talking out of my non-existent ass. If anyone else can prove differently, though, be my bomberguest.

Why is Gwinbee Judgement being towed away at the end of the story? How did it even get there? Nobody is even riding in it...? Also, how do 13 people (including the massive Golem Bomber) fit into the shuttle when White was cramming the siblings in there at the onset of the journey? Or are they in Gwinbee? It's not really clear. The brief glimpse of the outside of the ship they're in has Gwinbee colours, but it doesn't match up with its design at all.

And here I thought it was my job to be concerned with plot holes and contradictions that no one else in bomberfandom cares about!

What is going on here? It looks like a scene was cut, which would have explained some things.

Wow, I didn't even catch that. I just assumed it was some thing that I'd forgotten about because my memory's terrible.
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