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Post#31  Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:52 pm  Reply with quote + 
legato wrote:
You're welcome pal. I do it for this great fanbase.  Peace Wink

I'm curious BakuBonba, the game Supreme and Classic, is that the actual name of it? Or is it Reloaded? I've seen two different names and idk what to call it.

As far as I can tell, Classic is the Bomberman NES port featured in Bomberman Supreme/Reloaded. Some sources call it Reloaded while others call it Supreme.

Plasma Captain wrote:
BakuBonba wrote:
How did the developers get access to The Assets for:
Bomberman World
Baku Bomberman/Bomberman 64
Baku Bomberman 2/Bomberman 64 the second attack

That's my question too. My initial assumption is that Hudson wanted Living Mobile to make a 3D game, maybe because it was "modern" for the time on that platform. But maybe they didn't have the budget to create all new graphics, so Hudson just gave them access to their old library.

Honestly, I'd love to know the story behind the development of this, if only for how strange the resulting product is.

Maybe doing some research on 3D Bomberman Atomic will help. I would like to know the back story behind this too.
"When Konami gives you lemons, remember that this mode is the closest we'll ever get to a Bomberman x Kirby crossover. Make of that what you will." -BakuBonba on "Super Bomberman R's Memory Cartridges in Grand Prix Battle Mode."
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