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From Topic: Hello people!
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Post#1  Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 7:37 pm  Reply with quote + 
You might have seen my posts around here, but I thought about making an introductory post to further explain about myself. I am a longtime Bomberman player who got a grip for this game as early as Bomberman 2 for the NES, as well as Super Bomberman 1 & 2 for the SNES. This is when GameStop was still selling used retro games, mind you. I've also played Bomberman 64, and the TSA version. The first one for the 64 I kept to myself. I remember playing those back in my middle school days, multiplayer was an absolute blast and I used to be the one telling my friends how to play. Then in high school, I discovered emulators, and the lost three SNES Bomberman games. Things picked up.

Then I graduated high school, and eventually got a flash card for the SNES (PowerPak) for whatever multiplayer needs I might have with friends, as well as a crapton of controllers. Then I beat TSA because I couldn't solve puzzles in my dumb child age. All sorts of Bomberman games, mixed up with other franchises like Mario, those action/puzzle games like Tetris Attack/Puzzle League, even shooters. I'm pretty much like a mixed bag, but I used to like Pokemon. Wonder why that is, hm?

Oh yeah, and I bought a 64drive in this current year because N64 multiplayer is awesome. Just gotta mod some controllers in the future so they'll actually last.

I honestly hope that wasn't too excessive, otherwise I'll be garnering some dislikes, and that's no good.
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