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Bmoworld is coming back and revamped.
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Post#1  Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:00 pm  Reply with quote + 
bombbuddies is the company that bought bomberman online out. but dont fret there is a new bomberman online coming out. Which although nothing much new will be added. Im going to be doing the following changes:

Full sql database support (i had issues having over 2million accounts+) this should allow smoother gameplay and also more things could be done like selecting characters online instead of a loader. Tournaments could be done and full email support on recovering passwords.

Anti cheat will be integrated instead of injected (more compatibility no need for admin rights either).

udp can be auto configured if upnp is enabled so you don't even have to configure it yourself.

uploading of custom designs (this was planned but i never bothered to do it.. well this time it will be)

country specific servers (this will stop lag and other issues with our countrys. I did frown upon this but ive found one dominate country ruined the game).

Unlocking system (you will start off with white bomberman and will have to earn all the other bombermans)

Hoping to get at least the backbone of the server finished by the 1st of october. Any support on providing servers for other countrys and stuff will be greatful. If you enjoyed bomberman online back in the day when it wasn't so populated you may want to come back and help support this newer version. That i hope will be a huge success.

we are also on a temp domain now
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