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Valentines Fanfic
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Post#1  Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:40 pm  Reply with quote + 
I know its not Valentines day, but I came up with this short fanfic anyways.
Also, be prepared, I may get the personalities completely messed up. Also, I call White Bomber by his Japanese name because its easier for me.
Basically, it seems Shirobon has taken a liking to someone and is trying to give her a valentines card. But who is he into to? Lets find out.....

Part 1:

Shirobon: *writing something on a card, while looking around to make sure no one is looking*

Gangu (sp?): *hovering around nearby, spots Shirobon* Why's he looking so nervous? *looks at the calender* Oh, I see now.

Shirobon: *finishes writing* Done. *gets up and walks out of the room, notices Gangu* Hello Gangu. *walks past him and goes down the hall*

Gangu: So Shirobon has a crush on someone. But who? *quietly follows*

Shirobon: *still walking* Why am I getting the feeling that I'm being followed.....

Gangu: *quickly hides*

Shirobon: *looks behind him, and sees no one is there* I must be imagining things. *resumes walking*

Gangu: *quietly starts following him again*

Shirobon: *walks a little faster from nervousness* Now I really feel like I'm being followed...

Gangu: *hides again*

Shirobon: *quickly turns around, with a somewhat paniced look on his face* Still no one..... *looks around just to make sure*

Gangu: *stays absolutely quiet*

Shirobon: *slowly starts walking again, while looking behind him* I'm just imagining things..... *starts walking again*

End of Part 1.
Yeah, sorry, I couldn't think of the rest of it yet. I guess I really messed up with this one.
Can anyone guess who the card is for?
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Joined: 07 Jun 2009
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Post#2  Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:03 pm  Reply with quote + 
Terribly sorry for the double post, but I've got Part 2, and I can say I'm a little bit more happy with it. Also the valentines card doesn't say who it goes to and who its from. Whys that? Just wait.
As Gangu quietly follows Shirobon, he doesn't realise he is about to lose his cover. Meanwhile, Mermaid Bomber daydreams about Birdy...

Shirobon: *walking turns to running* Whoever is following me please go away!

Gangu: Ok fine! You caught me!

Shirobon: *stops and turns around* Gangu? Why are you following me?

Gangu: I want to know who you're giving that card to.

Shirobon: I, can't say...

Gangu: Why not?

*wind blows card out of Shirobon's hand before he could say anything*

Shirobon: NO!! *runs after the card*

Gangu: *follows him*

*card blows over to Mermaid Bomber's house, out of reach of Shirobon and Gangu*

Mermaid Bomber: *looking out her window, daydreaming about Birdy* Oh Birdy..... *sees the card outside her window* Whats this? *opens the window and takes it, reads it* "Happy Valentines day, please be mine"..... *thinks and then becomes love struck* Birdy must of wrote it for me! How sweet of him... *looks out her window* But how'd the card get here?


Birdy: *looking a little freaked out as if he knows what Mermaid Bomber is thinking*

Shout: *walks outside her house to see him* Hey Birdy, ahev you seen.... *looks at him* Um, are you ok?

Birdy: I have a feeling that tody is going to be a long day.....

Shout: Why?

Mermaid Bomber: *charging in Birdy's direction with hearts in her eyes* Birdy!! I knew you cared!!!

Birdy: Because of that!!

Mermaid Bomber: *tackle hugs Birdy*

Birdy: Let go of me!

Mermaid Bomber: *doesn't let go* No! I love you!

Birdy: *looks at Shout* Help.

Shout: I can enjoy this for a while.

Birdy: Great..........

End of Part 2.
Again, I think I screwed up the perosnalities although I can't really say that about Mermaid Bomber since I never say her in action yet, although I most likely did mess her personality up.
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