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One Word Story - Part Two
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Post#1401  Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:19 pm  Reply with quote + 
(I've actually never read this thing so... I compiled it here, preserving line breaks and errors:)

[Collapse] The Story So Far...
Bomberman and Pommy went fishing for trouts and caught something that was extremely tasty then Pommy ate it. it was nasty becaues it had red peppers that burns terrible.Pommy had a Period then had won the crap. The crap was eaten by Bongo. He puked on Razon. Razon bombed the puker New-Jersey untill it cumbusted like burnt spam.

Bomberman blown inside-out and cut his mercylessly and killed many FIreballs. Pillows flew wildly. Cartman jumped on kenny and attack him from behind him. Gongu fell into a whole of bunch nuggets of cheese cakes. Pretty-Bomber was pretty, shiro is about to blow up the house Prettybomber lives in a giant bomb full of Razon. Bomberman attacked Sonic TwIst and Placed a noodle weapon and whacked Razon Bomberman swung a tree and hit Twist. Sonic was flirting in a a nightclub with Girls dressed an ugly like crap hitting on Sonic twist PWNS!! HIMSELF! Because of something he talked about. Birdy flew fast to sae the jetters hq because the powerfull hige-hige bandits used the ultimate bomberman, Birdy tries to peak at shout *beep*. Rui Ran to the shops were full of doll and pikachus and luigis and rabbits. GoldBman struck Sonic down with gentle touching powered fingers and then Mystic exploded into one hundred peices.Mighty died because max used his head to ram him and mighty laughed because Max tripped over rocks and fell into a croud crushing everyone completly, . The spammers suffered mental attacks. Bomberkid attacks bomberspam then bomberspam got crazy so bomberkid cried and flied north to bomberjungle and saw misty.

She went far to far as to steal too prove to moujo and mighty and bomberkid that she could be like mighty, how mighty helped her yesterday and was bomberman plus bomberboy. Noboby wants to jump off of mount rushmore today and they tried eating marshmellows near the mall area to japan.

Dragons breathed, Lui said hi-hi-hi ho!. Lui hopped far across the border to make some curry with ramen noodles. Ramen flavored noodles spilled some on Gangu and Max, Max is a freak and Gangu was a brute, Shout wants to go shopping at tescos super-market with bananas and dirt stuff with stuff called stuff, then their stuff got eaten by stuff eaters and stuffs going to go running into shout and knock her off the cliff down then as stuff gets bigger and then Birdy was overwhelmed becuz Max threw A Plasma bomb. Gangu went shopping for clothes and shoes for the Christmas because the people has-bins were stealing some presents and eggnog but mighty stopped them by throwing champagne at the people that said he was addicted to something called twisteys. Birdy attacked Razon for killing Bomba_twist yesterday. Razon ate Bomba_twist but tasted very nasty,Gangu licked Bongo's bomber pants and Bongo. Gangu is robotic so he shot out a bomber bomb at bombs that explode bombs everywhere. Bombs were massive today and no-one was afraid of being very simplistic at all plus he was laughing at the bomberteens cause they were acting like teens. The super market blewup with fireworks and dynamite cause they were so supermarkets and hige-hige were really funny and stupid because they laughed so hard that they had crapped all over the floor and people got smelly and sticky with so many things. Hige-hige bandits attacked Bomberman yesterday and birdy flew to Bomberman's secret laboratory so he could fly off into the sky with Lilith cause he was flying high up in the sky so birdy can save people, bomberman tries escaping with his bomb and spoon while birdy flies into there Feces. Bomberbomb Died but he Lived in a... pineapple under the trees and the snow, Gangu watched over Bomberbob and Team because they helped Gangu With learning problems with a Speech less Bomberman program then they said "I have a... bomb. and rui with.... a wrench. Rui went to earth for....... a knife for slaiming an orange becuz he dislikes peanuts so he ate oranges while they attack oranges while Rui went berserk and grabbed Bongo By the tail and was going to swing him over earth and befriend him. Bomberland was being very wild today so Prettybomber attacked shiro so then rui helped shiro but prettybomber slapped shout bomber learn thunder and H-Bomb with ultimate Skullbomb included bomberplanet in the most amount and thats all powerfull......Birdy kicked the CyberDuck hard in the shin and stomach, Cyberduck was resting then he saw a bomb then ran into it,the moment it came near a fuse then the fuse blew-up.Shiro liked the pretty-bomber costume so he put some on and pretty-bomber saw the costume on and laughed at shiro. elsewhere Gangu stole a wrench to fix himself up. something happened while Bongo killed bomberspam and bombatwist because gangu used nailstrike, but bombatwist is still smart. he crapped his pants and the bees, everyone fell laughing. BomberMario tripped over cement pillars because he is acting all mental crazy,Birdy drove off the side of the empire,Mujoe got hit on by shout because shout is dRuNK. Mighty died at max's house last than everyone started flying... because max killed gravitybomber. Shiro ate noodles with Birdy Because Birdy was using tomatosauce to flavor his ramen, with chopsticks plus dishes but they were dirty so the janitor used spoons to eat curry. Bongo flew out for an icecream but the store closed so he went to shoprite so that he could fly home. The karabons decided to kiss shout because she looks like something that was very tasty.Bagular told max not to launcha PlasmaBomb and destroy the world known as bomberplanet, Birdy counterattacked max's assault so Pommy crapped on max's Head. Max crapped into someones face. It happend loudly so that everyone could smell it. Unfortunatly, Kalidascorp was busy. Pommy farted alexa999's homework out. . Mujoe laughed his dik off. But big OMEGA EMUS destroyed Mujoe's armpit! Antidisistablishmentarinism means outragesley big and stupid. SUPERCALIFRAGELISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS is long er than Antidisistablishmentarinism. Bingo shitted on Ognib who shitted on bingo.... him. Bomberman pwned alexa999. Kalidascorp likes pants. The spammers! got attacked by gangu and bongo. They ran to An autoshop for mopeds and weapons for the hige-hige supreme Bandits. Rain-drops fell upwards on bomberplanet so the bombermen got mad so they tried gravitybombs unsuccessfully then bomberplanet blew up. But the planet's core crapped out an magmarock,it hardened into someone who's mean and nasty. Mighty vanished then max turned into a rabbit, shiro turned into a handbag. This was funny so Shout used-it,she decided to throw-it onto the woodchopper then nothing got stolen. Max stole poop from Mighty's garage because he was a freak. Alexa999 LOVES Kalidascorp but Kalidascorp told no-one. Pillows rained all over the planet yesterday. It snowed today. The storm hits bombermanboard menacingly causing Razon nothing but frusteration because the spammers were flooding, the board. The aliens abducted twist and main-character, called someone. That zero thing and Mighty laughed at it. Bongo kills stuff like people do, then kev exploded and then Birdy punched Mujoe in the gut. Pain hurts so badly that pui farts on Max. Max snowboarded on mount everest with Mighty so fast that they wiped-out into tree's and rocks! so Max shoveled snow off the snowboards and then... mighty started a campfire to melt marshmallows because they are hungry. That's why Max licked snow cones which were very messy and tasty, but clouds blocked the sun from shining on the beach. It made suntans goaway. WOW! metoers are raining explosive and fire bomb. The meteors are icy pieces of cake chocolate. But cake cut the cheese... A LOT! Farting was banned because Razon ripped. It smelled of beans but alexa999 smelled WORSE!!! because Razon tricked him into sharing his chili, that caused rotten blasts to pizza up then down. It something weird soShiro let out a fart. Shiro's butt is shaking violentley because the borrito had a massage to fix beans. They had barfed in Max's mouth. Max barfed back into Shiro's mouth. This pizza taste's good so good that Pommy shitted everywhere and blew pizza out to antarticia. Who ate it and flew away. Back to, the Pizza and Pizza cheese when Rui ate MORE batteries.

Rui Exploded into several pizza corn puffs whitch had doctor Pizza hidden under pizza slice pictures. Before birdy ate Creeper paste

(Side note: There was an opening quotation mark about halfway through the story so logically, we can only assume that everything up until this point is one long-ass quotation.)

(As obligated by law, I'll continue the story...)

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