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Post#13  Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:37 pm  Reply with quote + 
Thanks for posting those mahjong pictures!

I finally finished this game today. I had been busy with other things. It's a pretty solid game with a lot of love put in. That said, here's my thoughts:

- The isometric view is interesting but a bit annoying. Some moments are interesting but it's a little confusing at times making sure I'm not stuck on the edge of some object.

- Speaking of moving, I hate the joycon for this game. You pretty much have to use a joystick which feels unnatural most of the time for a game like this with a grid around you. Yes you can use the buttons on the left joycon but it's not a complete d-pad. The control scheme is out of Konami's control obviously, but it's still a complaint.

- The shadows that objects and enemies project often obscured my vision when a lot of them were clustered around. I just found it annoying in some stages.

- The music ranges from alright to really good. I like the final boss themes and some of the stage themes but others are not so good.

- Also the final bosses were incredible! It really was awesome to see not only Gattaida but to see Buggler pull out some crazy new forms. I really like what they did here and how they put plot into the latter half of this game so it's not all just jokes 24/7.

Overall, the gameplay is average to me but everything else hit some nostalgia and awesome factors for me at times. It's a solid entry just a very unique one compared to all the bomberman games we know. I'm hoping we see a return of this series, hopefully with the Four Bomber Kings maybe?
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