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Post#3  Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:02 am  Reply with quote + 
The ED for the English version is the original Japanese with English subtitles. I hadn't realized it was Pretty's VA singing, though, that's a great touch (and deliciously ironic considering Karasexy's reputation in-game).

Following up on #5, the Konami Code doesn't seem to have any effect as far as I can tell. Oh well.

I still can't figure out what the "special abilities" are. I bought Karaoke Bomber from the shop and tried her out in battle mode, but Y does nothing. In story mode, Y is the button used for the punch ability. I'm wondering if special abilities are unlockable after certain conditions are met, like how all the Dastardlies were available in the shop once you beat the game.
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