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Post#2  Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:01 pm  Reply with quote + 
Pretty Bomber's name change having a plot reason was amazing. I was really surprised! I particularly loved that her being Pink's older sister (meaning at least as old or older than Black) perfectly explains some questions that popped up in the other thread about the designs, such as the broken heart emblem, or the belt emblems on Pink and Aqua, or Pink not having a skirt. Pretty is essentially their prototype, so of course those elements all came from her! I also love that she sings the ED, though I've only seen it in Japanese. Does she sing an English version as well?

I wanna know this cute little guy's name and whether or not he's unlockable! I've been calling him "Plasma's little bro" and it's a bit awkward. Also, nice hat there, Plasma!

Choice screencaps:

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