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From Topic: Revamping the Bomberman Wiki
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Post#8  Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:17 pm  Reply with quote + 
Lol, I KNEW there was something wrong with that "Bomberman Journey" thing. I often look the new updates of the Bomberman Wikia and It's really sad to see how some of the users don't take seriously all the work that means editing a wiki .__.
soniti 254 wrote:
and that Journey game sounds so fake it's hilarious. The artwork (if we can even call it that) looks like something from MS Paint, it's like they didn't even try for that.

Yes, that resumes my thoughts about the artwork xD

[EDIT:] Our russian friend has also messed up with the trivia about water commander:

Even if it's annoying to see how that user put those russian names as important facts like had more value than othertranslated names, Isn't a bad idea to put a list of the character's names in other languages bellow the article, like the Super Mario Wiki does Just as fun facts.
But not all the characters could have that feature as they appears in Bomberman games exclusively released in Japan.
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