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From Topic: Revamping the Bomberman Wiki
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Post#6  Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:56 am  Reply with quote + 
plasm wrote:
Dude, somebody's BSing something fierce on the wiki. And also adding unnecessary Russian.

This is the culprit.

He's pretty much writing his own fanfiction into the wiki as if it's real.

^^^ This is all clearly fake.

Also, he's adding in Russian translations of enemy names and such.

example1 example2

This is not the point of the Japanese text. It is there because the names were originally written in Japanese (example Wikipedia page). But I'm sure you already know this; just making the case.

Anyway, I'd highly suggest that somebody root through all of his contributions and clean them up.

That's one of the major problems with a Wiki; any schmuck can add anything they want to a page, regardless of how true or relevant it may actually be. Interesting to see this type of thing on a Bomberman wiki of all places though.

I read through them for the lawlz, and that Journey game sounds so fake it's hilarious. The artwork (if we can even call it that) looks like something from MS Paint, it's like they didn't even try for that.
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