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Post#221  Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:04 am  Reply with quote + 
Try Durarara if you like Bacanno, it's by the same author

Finished up Blue Exorcist, Hanasaku Iroha and Gosick

Blue Exorcist is okay although a bit short compared to the manga and some spotty places(The camp arc is boring...)

Hanasaku Iroha is cute, another good work from PA Work although I like Tari Tari more

Gosick is mostly one case after another that has little impact with one another but by the last few episodes it got a strong finish although I kinda like Kazuya to show up during then but eh
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Post#222  Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:25 pm  Reply with quote + 
A bit bored before I go to bed for the night so I'll drop in my seasonal anime activity. Doesn't take too much effort to do this since I can just copy-pasta from my discussions with friends online. Here goes...

~Fall 2014 results~

Sword Art Online II -
Finished up. A lot better then I had originally hoped! I actually liked it better (as a whole) then season 1. Gun Gale Arc was fun and exciting! Sawashiro was awesome as always. The mini Calibur arc was fun but laid back. Almost like watching a fantasy OVA with a nice budget. Then the Mother's Rosario arc was really moving to me. (Why are all these characters so cool?!?)

Gugure! Kokkuri-san -
Kinda wacky but fun series with characters I liked. Kinda cliched tho... A lot of the episodes were following a typical anime formula. Not much original about it but I was okay with most of the tropes used.

Denki-gai no Hon`ya-san -
Very otakuish, Nice colorful show. Made me laugh. Easy to watch. I figured I was gonna enjoy it and it lived up to my expectations.

Sora no Method -
I really wanted to love this more! Liked the animation and loved the music. (Best ED song of the season IMO) Liked the character designs and premise but it wasn't executed too well. Particularly the ending. What was up with those last 2 episodes? Episode 11 would've been an okay ending for the series. I don't mind the forced drama too much. I got through Anohana and Kokoro Connect with no problems, but this show was really pushing the limits the whole way through. It's like they kept pressing the reset button on the character development. Still thought it was a fairly good series though, some of the episodes really pulled me in. So I'll probly keep getting suckered into these types of shows.

Inou Battle in Everyday Life -
Finally got it done and it was fairly enjoyable. The male lead is one of the best of the past year. He was pretty cool and for once I can see why all the girls love him!

Amagi Brilliant Park -
Great show! Another good male lead too and just a lot of fun. Never missed an episode on a weekly basis cause it was just wicked easy to watch. Wicked funny! Nice conclusion too. Another job well done Kyoto!

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls -
I thought it was a fun show! It was a lot like Gdgd Fairies which I also really enjoyed and the Sega references added a lot of nostalgia and laughs.

Danna ga Nani -
cute and fun, but other then a few hilarious references in the first half I don't think it'll be too memorable for me. Apparently it's getting a 2nd season.

Still behind on this stuff carrying over to next season....

The 7 Deadly Sins -
10 eps watched. Still think its a fun shounen adventure show with over-powered characters but good art.

Shirobako -
Only 6 eps done. An anime about anime production. Don't hate it but I don't find it all that intriguing. It's too real lifeish for me. I'm getting back to it now tho as I'm starting the new season stuffs.

Sailor Moon Crystal -
Only 7 eps done. The slow release along with all the other shows I let stall for a while made it easy to forget about. heh heh....

~Winter 2015 picks and early impressions~

Oh man.... This is gonna be a friggin weird season.....

Gourmet Girl Graffiti -
The only show I have confidence in so far. In fact my bias tells me it's almost undoubtedly gonna end up being my favorite this season. I love you SHAFT. Keep up the head tilts and erotic eating animation...

Military -
A short episodes series. It's stupid but watchable I guess. Kinda reminds me of Kill me Baby.

Junketsu no Maria -
I got good vibes from the first episode and enjoyed it, it was fun, not too serious or too silly. A little fan-servicey but not forcefully/painfully so. Story might be interesting. I think I'm really gonna like the Maria character tho. I like her attitude, she's a cutie and her poofy blond hair is delicious!

The Rolling Girls -
What.... the..... heck... is this!?! First episode was all over the place and filled with over the top fighting sequences. No idea what's going on here. I'm probably only going to be giving it one more episode.....

Yurikuma Arashi -
I do like the visuals and I love the music but that's about it. Apparently its the same guy that did Penguindrum and Revolutionary Girl Utena. (Neither of which I've watched yet and now I'm not sure I will) Cause I'm pretty close to dropping this show. I'm already struggling with its formula at episode 2.
With these kinda awful prospects, I'm feeling more motivated to get back to last season's carry-overs I'm behind on. I think it's also likely that I'll go back through whats out there and pick up a couple more shows...
Maybe these..

Saenai Heroine -
A noitaminA otaku rom-com show. (I was originally intending to pass it over...)

Death Parade -
A maybe. Death Billiards was pretty cool. Still thinking about it.

~My other recent projects~

Bamboo Blade -
Slice of life comedy about a kendo club. Enjoying the series quite a bit. I'm almost half done it.

Black Lagoon and Roberta's Blood Trail -
Watched the last parts of it that were animated so I've finished all the material. Pretty awesome gunfights and action. Really badass characters. Alot of fun to watch. Roberta is my favorite character. She's like a female Terminator!

Watched the rest of the eX-Driver stuff too.
Fun and a bit over the top (in a good way), but the early 00's CG really looks ugly now....

Hyakko -
Nice, funny slice of life series with a colorful and unique cast. Really enjoyed it.

Santa Company -
Goofy 30 minute Xmas OVA. Worth a quick watch

The Star of Cottonland -
Awesome moe' 80's catgirl that loves her savior/new owner and wants to become human. I loved it! It was adorable.

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Post#223  Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:13 am  Reply with quote + 
Watching an anime is a "project"?
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Post#224  Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:20 am  Reply with quote + 
Finished up Glasslip and True tears

I am suspecting PA Works is one of those hit and miss companies...
Glasslip is gorgeous especially with how the glass is rendered but the pacing is atrocious and it doesn't go anywhere
True Tears reminds me of a visual novel but with a lot of characters that are not handled very well, the only characters I like are Noe, Hiromi and Shin's buddy, that chef girl and Jun are annoying
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