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Ultimate Bomberman V.1 for Mugen
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Post#1  Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 1:46 pm  Reply with quote + 
Hello everyone of BombermanBoard. New member here, but also a huge bomberman fan like you all.

Here's my Bomberman for Mugen, it's the best Bomberman in all of Mugen so far.

Its finally here. I am releasing the first Version in my project to create the best Bomberman in Mugen. This new and improved Ultimate Bomberman, from the original created by Gladiacloud, And then edited by Evilasio in MVC style, features all new attacks that incorporate
the many bombs that are iconic and legendary in the Bomberman franchise! 7 all new Bombs have been created for you to play with to increase the potential of this already amazing character, that was very well designed by Gladiacloud, and then improved/perfected by Evilasio, to which I owe special thanks.

Without those two, my project would not have come to fruition.

Link To Watch Move Set Video:

Ultimate Bomberman V.1 has:

6 Button Character: XYZ Punch ABC Kick

4 different Hyper Combos

Improved hitbox/range on Bomber Rocket Hyper combo

Many new Special moves each with weak to strong variants! (Except Landmine Bomb):

Napalm Bomb Throw
Ice Bomb Throw
Hurricane Bomb Throw
Cherry Bomb Throw
Rubber Bomb Throw
Thunder Bomb Kick
Landmine Bomb Plant

Solid AI. Sometimes starts out a match slow, but when he wakes up he brings the damage!

Great combo potential

Cool sound effects.

Faithful to Bombermans Character

I hope you all enjoy this that I worked so hard to put together. Any comments likes and support/ or criticism is welcome and appreciated. THANKS MUGEN ARCHIVE! THANKS BOMBERMAN BOARD!

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Post#2  Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2024 11:11 pm  Reply with quote + 

is there any alternate website that isn't mugen archive, i mean because it bans on sight even limits 100mb on that page

lemme know about that
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