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View Single Post Topic: Board Change Log (2009-2020)
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Post#1  Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:47 am  Reply with quote + 
Here is a list of updates and changes that have been made to the forum and chat over the years.

[Collapse] Change Log for 2009
[Collapse] Change Log for 2010-2018
The list of updates for this time period is not currently available, and still needs to be compiled.

Over these years there were major additions, such as the the chat and chat log which was built specifically for this forum. Along with many new control panel options, new topic related features, an unread post tracking system like most forums have, loads of page redesigns and improvements, and countless bug fixes and browser compatibility updates.
[Collapse] Change Log for 2019
Here is the list of changes and updates made to the forum and chat in 2019. I decided to just post it in all of it's original unsorted, roughly written, chat message style, draft format glory that I had started and had continued to write it in.

So let's get things rolling, and start the list off with some new features.

3 new profile fields were added for twitter, steam and youtube.

the youtube field will take usernames, channel names or complete urls, steam takes community usernames, and twitter takes your twitter username.

given the increase of profile fields, the user profile page has been cleaned up slightly, with better alignment and sorting for everything, and empty profile fields will be hidden.

7 new website related chat commands were added:

/discord, /twitch, /imgur, /imgurupload

/steam (search text), /twitter (search text), /twittertag (search text)

the twitter command can also be used to search the website without logging in, by placing text after the command as the first argument like many other chat commands.

twittertag is the same as the twitter command except that it searches hashtags, and the steam command will search the steam store if text is added after it.

9 new bbcodes were added, 6 of which are usable in the chat.

first off is the acronym tag, this can be used for adding information for abbreviated words, it will underline the text and display the description for it on mouseover or when clicked on.

usage: [acronym="acronym meaning here"]text here[/acronym]

the next two are the superscript and subscript bbcodes, which can be used to create superscript and subscript text in your chat msgs and forum posts.

usage: [sup]superscript text[/sup] [sub]subscript text[/sub]

then there is the pre bbcode, which can be used to create preformatted text that uses a same width font and allows for multiple spaces stacked next to each other to be displayed in your chat msgs and forum posts.

usage: [pre]preformatted text[/pre]

following that is the members tag which you've probably seen used once before, which will make anything placed inside of it only viewable by registered users, this also serves the double purpose of preventing bots from indexing any content within it.

usage: [members]text here[/members], [members="subject here"]text here[/members]

and another bbcode that's ready for release now, and that you already may be familiar with is the spoil tag which I briefly mentioned in the chat before.

the spoil bbcode allows you to post and hide spoiler text and images on the same line as other text, and it can also be used in the chat unlike the original spoiler bbcode.

if you move the mouse over a spoil bbcode tag it will show the hidden content, and it will hide it when you move the mouse outside of it.

you can click it once to keep it visible until the next time that you mouse-over and mouse-off of it, and you can double-click it to keep it visible until the next time that it's double-clicked.

when used in the chat, the spoiler open state will be saved until the entire chat window is either re-opened, reloaded or the message is removed, this applies both to chat msgs and user status msgs.

usage 1: [spoil]text here[/spoil] will make  Spoiler: text here 

usage 2: [spoil="subject"]text here[/spoil] will make  Spoiler for subject: text here 

usage 3: [spoil=""]text here[/spoil] will make  text here 

also some new spoiler chat commands were added that will automatically surround your message with 2 of the 3 versions of the spoil tag.

usage 4: /spoil text here will make  text here 

usage 5: /spoiler text here will make  Spoiler: text here 

note the spoil tag does not have dynamic image loading like the spoiler and collapse tag do.

next is the no bbcode tag which has also been mentioned in the chat before, which will disable any bbcode, emote, url and email text parsing for any of the text surrounded by these tags.

usage: [nobb]unparsed text here[/nobb]

then we've got another one that had been mentioned before, which is the media tag for embedding videos and audio from other websites for easy playback. this currently only supports youtube videos, but may be updated to support more later.

usage: [media]url here[/media]

and last but not least is the anchor tag, this bbcode will allow you to set specific positions in your forum post that can be jumped to with a url, also if it's placed inside any bbcodes that collapse the content, then they'll be automatically opened.

in the same way that wikipedia has on each article page, the anchor tag is great for making a table of index to allow jumping around to different sections of big posts.

there are 2 different tags for utilizing this new bbcode:

1: to set anchor position groups you use: [anchor="anchor_name"]text[/anchor], or by itself without the end tag if you just want to mark the position.

this is the first bbcode to allow using it without an end tag, there's currently no difference between surrounding the text with an end tag or just using the single opening tag.

2: you can create a same post link to any anchors by using: [anchorlink="anchor_name"]link text here[/anchorlink]

what's typed where anchor_name is will be the name used for the anchor url, current characters allowed are limited to "0-9 a-z _ -", spaces will be auto converted to underscores.

note that in the event that the anchorlink bbcode is quoted in another post, it will direct to the reply that quoted it, instead of the original post that it came from.

if you want it to always lead back to the original post or you want to do cross post linking, you can make a regular url by copying the anchorlink url.

now on to other changes and fixes.

added an alternate forum header menu that will appear to either the right of or below the chat when the browser window is big enough, so you no longer need to close the chat to access it.

added 2 links when viewing a topic, the 1st one will either go to the latest or first unread post in the topic, and the second one will and go to the post that was linked to in the url, if the posts in question are on the same page it will offer to scroll to them instead.

if you happened to visit a later page in the topic and there was unread posts on a previous page that you skipped over, it will offer you a link to view the first unread post from earlier in the topic, this will help prevent you from losing track of where you were.

but note that the link will be lost after you visit another page or the same page gets reloaded, since the forum marks up to the currently viewed page as read when visited, except when viewing individual posts in single post mode.

these 2 link were also added to the chat log as well for easier access to unread chat msgs.

link tooltips related to unread posts have been reworded for clarification, and some misc text was moved from the board index to forum sections to provide a cleaner view.

also something that's been around for quite some time that I never mentioned before, is the mark as unread button on each forum post when viewing a topic, this will mark the topic as unread from that post onward so that you can come back to it easily later.

fixed all bbcode bugs caused by emoticons, urls, emails, search result word highlighting and in general that caused the output to break on forum posts and chat messages.

improved tagless url processing, so they should always automatically become clickable now, unlike before where they weren't even working in some common situations.

the entire emoticons list will display on page now when making posts on the forum and sending private messages, instead of requiring a new window to be opened like before.

in firefox, the chat user list scroll position being lost on update, and the incorrect y-axis position offset for emotes in users status messages has been fixed.

fixed a bug where the chat frame was always effecting the back and forward browser navigation buttons, and any related bugs that were caused as a result of this.

fixed a bug where the forum width got stretched on chrome when the chat wasn't open, and a bug where forum space wasn't properly set aside for the chat frame in multiple situations.

when visiting a link to a new or existing post in a forum topic that contains images, it should properly auto scroll to the post position now instead of getting offset like before.

the auto scroll fixes should effect several browsers including chrome, but IE and some obscure browsers may still have issues with it, if you experience any issues just let me know.

fixed login redirect issues which caused it to lose the redirect at times, and improved the redirect handling by making it retain the auto scroll hash (#) part of the url in some cases.

added view single post link and post number to forum post result type searches, and fixed a bug where the search result page was getting stretched due to long urls in the post.

changed forum search results for post result type to show full post text by default, and temporarily removed the partial display options.

searched for words on the search page will be highlighted now when searching by post result type, just like it is on topic pages.

image resizing on the forum has been further updated with many bug fixes and improvements for how images are handled with and without javascript, and it will also dynamically resize the images now when changing the size of your browser window or utilizing any bbcodes.

the spell checker has received many improvements and bug fixes.

added color to words that get corrected, ignored or learned, corrected words will turn green, ignored words will turn gray and learned words will become normal text color.

added a red tint color to all potentially mis-spelled words that were found.

the selected word will also be underlined now, and the same word elsewhere in the message will become a slightly lighter red tint to show where other occurrences of it are.

added the ability to click on misspelled words to navigate the currently selected word to it, you can use this to navigate to words that have already been changed as well.

added counters and clickable navigation arrows for both the currently selected and total remaining words, this shows how many remain of each and allows navigating between them.

added keyboard navigation for the spell checker buttons with the tab, enter and arrow keys, the buttons will be highlighted when selected now so you can better see what's selected.

to access the suggestion list by keyboard you need to use tab or tab+shift keys.

you can scroll in the message text area by pressing alt + up or down arrow keys, or you can scroll farther distances with alt + page up or page down keys, or scroll to the top or bottom of the message by using the alt + home or end keys.

you can navigate between the total words by pressing alt + left and right arrow keys, or between the current word with alt + shift + left or right arrow keys.

added a revert word and unlearn word button when navigating to previous words.

as the names imply, reverting a word will undo any word corrections that were made to it, and unlearn will unlearn the word and will mark any occurrences of the word as misspelled.

added a button to reload the spell checker.

added a button to remove any spell checker learned words that were saved to the local cookies on your browser.

added an internal cache of word info in the window to improve responsiveness.

fixed a bug which made unicode characters cause the matched words to become desynced.

fixed a bug where the spell checker had a chance of crashing or ceasing to function under certain circumstances when there were too many long lines or words found.

fixed a bug which caused the spell checker to crash on load or word suggest if the word that was checked had an uncommon capitalization pattern and one or more suggestions for it.

fixed a bug causing the spell checker menu to be lost when getting a word suggestion in the event of the connection request to the server failing for any reason.

fixed a bug causing the spell checker menu to be lost if any browser back navigation keyboard shortcuts or commands were executed both in or outside of the text field.

fixed every bug related to text line wrapping, all of the message text should be wrapped properly within the spell checker text area now without stretching it horizontally.

fixed a bug where it didn't auto scroll to the first found word in some cases, and changed it so that the the currently selected word is centered in the middle of the message area.

added a Check Word button to the spell checker, which will check if the word typed in the word correction text field is in the dictionary or not and return the result.

if the word isn't found then it will provide a list of similar words if available, in the same way that the spell checker normally does for words found on the initial load.

note that there is still a bug with the check word feature where it will say that the word wasn't found in the dictionary if multiple words or a word with hyphens in it is checked, this will be fixed at a later time.

added the option to hide your chat status msg when using the Busy and Away user statuses, in the same way you could with the Active status before, and it's been changed so that the options will only show up when changing your status if you already have a status msg set.

4 new commands for hiding and showing your user status msg were added:

/statusmsgshow, /statusmsghide, /busymsg, /awaymsg

added 2 new chat user list categories, the first one will show when users disconnect from the chat manually using the disconnect command.

and the second one shows when someone has been idle in the chat but was still active on the forum within the last 5 minutes, so you don't need to mouse-over the username or check the forum to see what their real activity state is anymore.

the regular Forum Users category will continue to use the forum Who is Online time.

fixed bugs in the chat user list related to joining and exiting, which caused users to briefly be incorrectly listed as being on the forum or chat when navigating between the two.

fixed issue where scrollbars could be missing on various popup windows in some browsers under certain conditions, or when being requested to login.

resolved the issue both on the forum and in the chat where a single long word wouldn't get wrapped around to the next line to fit within the visible viewing area.

so the site layout shouldn't get disrupted anymore or require scrolling horizontally.

extra checks were also added to prevent avatars from exceeding the limit, so if an avatar was able to bypass the restrictions it won't exceed the max size visually anymore.

fixed the alignment and spacing of various aspects of the forum layout across all browsers.

identified and resolved an issue where text line heights were different on certain operating systems and browser versions, which would cause layouts to not display as intended.

fixed some issues with emotes not having proper space allocated for them, and fixed some bugs related to them not appearing at the intended location.

fixed an issue with the chat sound plugin in some versions of IE which made it always ask you to install flash if it wasn't already installed, it shouldn't ever ask this again.

online user statuses on the forum will now take user chat timeout states into consideration when determining if the user is still online or not if they were last active in the chat.

the control panel received some improvements and fixes, added more option descriptions details, and some new error messages when entering in invalid information for some fields.

fixed an issue that caused some avatar urls that used a secure web address to be detected as invalid when trying to save changes in the control panel.

the forum search feature has received several updates and major bug fixes.

all known bugs with using search filter options on the forum have been fixed, so they should all be fully working as intended now, both individually and when used together.

nearly every filter was effected in some way, so details won't be listed for it.

blank no text forum searches are fully supported now, so you can search using filters.

added the "Topics created within" search filter option, which lets you narrow searches to only search in topics that were created within a period of time.

added "Topic ID" to the list of search filter options, so you can do more specific searches inside of a single topic now.

added a sort by option to allow sorting the results by the topic creation date.

added a sort by option to allow sorting the topic type results by the topic last post time, if viewing the results as posts it will fall back to sorting by post time instead.

the sort by post time option behavior has been changed when searching by topic result type, it will now sort the topics by the date that the found posts were made in, as this is more accurate and matches how it works when searching with it by post result type.

also a note on how the sort by author works, if searching by topic result type it returns the results sorted by the topic author name, while if searching by post result type it will return results sorted by the post author name.

quick search located at the top of the forum and topic pages has been updated, pressing the search button without typing any text in will still redirect you to the default search page like before, except now it will auto fill in the forum and topic id and any options.

the forum search page has been re-organized and aligned for a cleaner interface.

added the option to search only the first post in a topic including the topic title, note that if this option is selected even by itself, it will cause the search results to exclude all replies.

added the option to search the forum for words that are in the same order, or that are exact text matches to help with narrowing your search results down.

unlike the chat log, the forum won't require matching the same word multiple times if it's included more then once in the searched for text, except during exact text searches.

also space characters are not counted towards the search, and are only used as a separator to allow other characters to exist in-between, except during exact text searches.

added missing topic type and unread status icons to search results displayed as posts.

updated the view forum posters and view topic posters pages, the user post count listed is now a link to search for posts from that user in the respective forum or topic.

as it's kind of obscurely located, I'll mention that the view posters page can be accessed by clicking the forum post count or topic replies count.

fixed a cache issue with multiple page forum search result links, which had caused them to break if you did a search in another window or if too much time passed since the search.

cleaned up the chat command list some, updated any urls, removed some alternate commands which served the same purpose, and removed some commands that lead to other websites.

fixed an opacity issue with chat connection status icon, which had caused it to disappear or remain permanently visible under rare circumstances.

the clickable region for textbox and radio buttons on the forum has been expanded to include the text after it.

pressing the enter key will no longer mistakenly submit the forms on certain pages when certain elements or nothing on the page was selected, such as when in the control panel, sending private messages, making forum posts, and on confirmation pages.

removed post subjects from individual replies in topics, as this was an un-used feature that added clutter, effected search results, and served little to no useful purpose.

removed new topic button when viewing topics, and added quick reply button to the top in-place of it.

expanded quick reply typing area and added the missing post customization options, and made quote last reply add the quote text without navigating away from the page.

added a javascript workaround fix for quick reply losing the form field values when navigating away from the page and back when using chrome, so it should behave like the regular posting page.

finished resolving the last of the browser issues related to inserting bbcodes and emotes at the selected position when making forum posts, it should be working properly in IE now.

added the option to retract your vote on forums polls, note this won't work on most votes that were made before 2012 since they lacked the info needed to differentiate users.

added the option to view the full list of voters in a poll by mousing over the Total Votes count, this will always work even if specific vote info wasn't available in an old poll.

fixed a bug which caused voter usernames to not display on mouse-over in some situations.

fixed any bugs related to adding and deleting poll options in an existing poll, when a poll option is deleted it will properly remove all of the votes for that option now.

fixed a bug causing poll option to be deleted on post preview if option was blank.

voting time period information is now viewable on polls that have a limited time length.

added missing view single post link with post number to topic review.

added extra information and links related to the forum post when editing your posts.

made the message typing field be auto selected when doing single post quotes, or replies to forum posts or private messages.

made necessary changes to future-proof against any issues with the y2k38 bug.

the yahoo profile field has been removed since the service was discontinued.

the msn profile field has been removed and copied over to the skype field if it was empty, since the msn service was discontinued and replaced by skype.

added page number links to the top of several pages that only had it at the bottom.

improved handling of page number links wherever used on the forum if an invalid page number is visited, so that incorrect results or a not found error won't be returned, it will redirect to the nearest page instead now.

removed the view previous and view next topic links when viewing a topic, as these are obscure and un-useful links.

added visible scrollbar substitutes to the chat for mobile and touch devices, since it wasn't showing by default due to the different navigation interface compared to a regular pc.

improved handling of mousewheel scrolling in the chat and typing fields on the forum, it will no longer scroll the entire page when reaching the top or bottom of scrollable areas.

the forum member list received some layout improvements, hidden users are grayed out now to better separate them from regular users, and the username search bar was moved to the top.

fixed issue in the member list that caused the username you searched for to be lost when changing the member sorting options, and the member sorting options will also be maintained now if manually set and sorted before doing any username searches.

the sort order option on the search page and member list page properly explain the ordering method now instead of just listing either ascending or descending.

fixed the issue preventing the chat from closing in the event that it's encountering errors on load, the close button should work properly under all circumstances now.

the chat typing field will now no longer lose the caret selector position when clicking certain areas outside of it.

added a cpanel option to to allow you to hide your Local Time that's displayed in your profile field, if you forum status was set to hidden this will be automatically hidden now by default.

added a cpanel option that will allow you to select the country that will be used for the automatic Timezone DST adjustments separately from the one displayed in your profile field when it's not set to private.

fixed a bug in IE11 that caused the chat to crash when the typing field was selected.

changed the scrollbar in IE11 to the default browser version, since the stylized one lacked the current scroll position bar.

added more chat failing to update error messages to provide a reason for any issues that you may encounter with the server, your internet or your browser.

fixed a bug that caused the chat to scroll to the top of the message area after logging back in if you kept it open after getting logged out.

fixed issue with watched topic status not getting updated when editing posts, and added option in the cpanel to disable watched topic e-mail notification.

created a new system to manage the audio engine that's used for the chat, which adds support for more browsers by trying different loading methods and fallbacks to different formats, as well as sound pre-loading, and recovery if the sound fails to load due to network issues.

if the sound engine fails to load for any reason then the system will notify the user by x'ing out the sound icon, which can then be moused over to view a tooltip with info regarding the reason it didn't load.

added a blank space at the bottom of the chat for browsers that display mouse-over links over the page, this should help prevent page content from getting covered up when mousing over links in some of the preset cases that this activates in.

added a "Previous visit" information field to user profiles, which lets you view the previous time that the user visited from before their most recent visit. you can also mouse-over the joined date in the member list and it will display the previous visit time in a tooltip. If the user has their online status set to hidden this field will not be visible.

added more detailed user locations for when viewing a private message, sending a new one, replying to one, editing them, and managing or deleting them.

when viewing user profiles and the who is online page, topic related user locations will now display the title on the page instead of when mousing over the location link.

resolved issue with chat encountering an error in working offline mode in in some browsers.

added "Last posted time" user profile information field which shows the last time that user posted in the forum or the chat, if you mouse-over the time it will show the separate times for the forum and the chat. also you can mouse-over the joined time in the member list to see the last visit time in a tooltip, and the active time on the who is online page.

added a matching post result count for each topic to the forum search results, the result count also doubles as a link that let's you view only the matching posts in the topic.

the matching post result count for the topic will only be displayed if you're doing a search query that's capable of matching individual posts instead of always the entire topic.

also when searching for text in both topic titles and post text, it will separately show whether it matched the topic title or not.

the command list will now hide after a space if you typed a successful command, however it will continue to show if the command either 1: takes an argument and will use or consume the text after it instead of sending it, or 2: if the command typed doesn't exist.

added the /fullscreen command to the chat which will make the floating chat frame take up the full window when used on the forum, you can switch the size back with the other window resize commands or window resize button in the menu.

when you open up the chat in a new window if the size of the window isn't correct and is only off by a small amount, it will automatically fix the size and re-position itself.

private messages in the inbox and sentbox folder can now be moved to and from the savebox folder.

fixed a bug that prevented the sender of a private message from receiving a copy of it in their sentbox if the message was moved to another folder or deleted before the recipient read it.

for private messages that were deleted while still unread, an X icon will appear to the left of it instead of a bomb in thet sender's sentbox, mousing over it will show a tooltip with an explanation.

copies of sent private messages that were already lost to these bugs cannot be recovered, though they're relatively uncommon circumstances so it may have never happened.

Many other minor fixes or improvements were also made that aren't worth mentioning, or that got lost in all of the updates and not written down. A lot of the updates in this list for 2019 were bug fixes, since I needed to fix the foundation before I could build too many new features on top of it. There were a lot more updates and big features that I had planned that I hadn't gotten around to doing yet, some of which I had briefly talked about in the chat at times.

I hope that you all like the updates, and that it improves the experience on the forum for you.
[Collapse] Change Log for 2020
fixed a bug that prevented new private messages from being shown with an underline, which implies that it's both unread and the first time that you've seen it in your inbox.

the [media]url here[/media] bbcode tag has been updated for youtube videos, the interface has been redesigned, thumbnails previews have been fixed for it, and it should work with any video url you throw at it now.

updated the chat message edit window to show how many characters have been entered, if you go passed the limit it will disable the save button instead of cutting the text off in the text field.

fixed an issue that prevented the chat message edit window from closing immediately.

added a new message and linked message visual position indicator for the chat log, you can see an example of what this looks like here.

added a new message notification bar for the chat, which gives the option to auto scroll to the last unread msg if it's not in view. It will show after coming back from another tab or window, after being idle more than 5 mins, or when you open the chat.

messages up to the latest in the chat while you were last active, or up to the latest message loaded on a chat log page will be considered read.

resolved a browser cache issue that prevented the chat from not loading temporarily under certain circumstances

added the /setname (username here) command to the chat to allow users to quickly be able to change your forum username, as well as for guests to be able to change their name if they're allowed in.

fixed some issues where the forum and chat were not adjusting to the size of the screen on some browsers on mobile devices, further improvements will continue to be made to help ensure it adjusts better. testing hasn't been done on too many different devices or older models, so if there are any issues please report it and fixing it will be prioritized.

added a quick resize button to the chat button bar, which can be used for quickly resizing the chat instead of needing to open the menu. this will work just like the switch window size button, and can be left clicked and right clicked to alternate between the different chat sizes, and will cycle through once it reaches the end of the options.

fixed an issue where emails weren't sending, and it was causing an error message to be displayed. if the error ever occurs later for any reason the page load will no longer be interrupted, and it will display a more detailed error at the top of the page with any further steps that need to be taken if necessary, such as if an activation email wasn't sent.

made improvements to how emails are sent from the board to help ensure that it gets delivered properly in more cases.

added a new user profile field line that displays the chat status message for a user, however it will only show if they have it set to be visible in the chat or on the profile page.

added the chat user status options "+profile msg" which let's you only show your chat status message on your user profile page, and 3 new commands /activeprofile /busyprofile /awayprofile were also added for setting the user status.

also similar to the chat, if the status msg is unread when you view the user profile page, the "Status Msg" field title will be underlined and the status msg will be marked off as read on page load.

the spell checker usage guide topic has been updated to reflect all of the updates and changes that were made for it last year, and a Help button has been added to the bottom of the spell checker to allow for quick and easy access to it.

added a topic view and reply count below the topic title, so that you don't need to go to a separate page to view it. the reply count can also be clicked to open a window with a list of users that replied to the topic, just like it can at other locations that it's listed on the forum.

added missing change log entries for 2019 about the nobb bbcode tag that was added, which allows for disabling text parsing for specific parts of your message. for the media bbcode tag, which is for embedding media from other websites such as youtube. and for the pre bbcode tag which is for text preformatting, which uses a same-width font and allows for multiple spaces to be displayed.

updated the description for a few of the bbcode buttons such as for [list], to help better show how it's used.

fixed a bug where the close bbcode button didn't work on the posting and send private message page, the bug had caused it to navigate away from the page in some browsers depending on the user's local browser settings.

added the highlight bbcode for highlighting the background of text with a color, you can either just use the tag by itself with a preset color that's suited for the forum style utilized by the user, or use a custom color name or hex color of your choice.

usage 1: [highlight]highlighted text[/highlight]
usage 2: [highlight=color here]highlighted text[/highlight]

also re-organized the way bbcode buttons are layed out when making posts and sending private messages, and added 12 missing bbcode interface buttons along with their brief descriptions and usage tips that are shown when mousing over them. these include the following: spoil, sup, sub, acronym, anchor, anchor link, media, members, nobb, pre, email, highlight.

added the Default and Custom options to the font color, font size and highlight bbcode interface select fields, as well as several new preset font sizes with Normal being the current font size used by default in forum posts and chat messages.

added support to the media bbcode tag for video timestamps in the url on youtube videos, so it will jump to the specified point in the embedded video now.

and support for youtube playlists has also been added, playlists that are included in video urls will be applied to to the embedded video, and while directly linking to a playlist is also supported now, it currently lacks a thumbnail preview for those types of links.

Added After 05-22-2020

made it so that when the media tag is placed inside of the collapse and spoiler tag, the video preview image won't load until the collapse or spoiler tag is opened, which is the same way that it works for regular images when the img bbcode is used.

added the clear sessions, and clear auto login keys field to the control panel in the Account Settings section. this will display a count of how many other sessions or auto login keys exist for your account, and allow you to clear them whenever you want for account safety purposes. also if your current session is using autologin, then when clearing the autologin keys it will also change the id of that key.

you can now view the time and date that a user last updated their chat status msg by going to their user profile on the forum, and then mousing-over or clicking the "Status Msg:" text.

added the option "Allow using e-mail as a login name" which will let you disable allowing your email address to be used as a login handle for logging into the forum, this option can be changed in the Control Panel under Account Settings.

added the chat session idle time to the list of times displayed when mousing over the last active time for a user on the forum.

for non link text that has tooltip info displayed on mouse-over of it, a dotted underline will now appear below them when mousing over it to indicate that tooltip info exists for it.

in the same way that was done for the chat before, the missing scrollbars on mobile devices, tablets and the safari browser have been added to the forum at several places.

fixed the incorrect positioning of the forum header menu that occurred when it displays below the chat, and also removed the username that was displayed in the forum header on mobile devices and replaced it with a my profile link to save space.

made further improvements to the forum on mobile devices to ensure that it adjusts to the size of the screen properly, it should be working properly or much better in all or most mobile devices browsers now.

removed the forum rules and faq page link from the forum header for the time being, the link for it can be found in the board announcements forum section.

added a modify search link above the results on regular forum search result pages, this will allow you to easily change and refine your search. since refining your forum search wasn't easy before, due to an unresolved bug when navigating back to the search options page with the back button which causes some or all of the search fields to get reset.

also added a button to the forum search results page that allows for quickly switching between the post and topic search result type.

added more detailed error messages and page titles for when searching for recent posts, unread posts, and posts made since last visit. and when no results are found for regular searches, a link was added to allow modifying your existing search or to start a new one.

at the top of the private message page each folder will now show the total count of how many private messages are in it, as well as how many of those messages are unread.

the private message folder menu will now be displayed at the top of the page when viewing individual private messages.

you can now bookmark private messages using the Fave and Unfave button, this button is located at the bottom of the page when viewing folders or individual private messages. the fave feature is user side only, and will not be shown to anyone else. when a message is faved, a star to represent this will show to the right of it when displayed in folders.

added a show all and show number of entries per page button on the private message folder pages next to the page number, this will only show if the amount of total messages in the folder exceeds what's displayed on the page. the shown amount should be maintained while accessing other private message related pages, except when accessing it from the forum header menu.

the private message savebox folder will now show the From and To user in separate fields, to better distinguish the user and message type for received and sent messages

the private message page number that you're on will now be maintained when doing private message management related actions

fixed a bug with forum and chat log searching, which had caused limited incorrect results to be returned when underscores were included.

fixed some bugs related to forum search text highlighting, one had caused some urls to break under certain circumstances, and the others related to how it worked with certain search options such as exact text.

changed the visual appearance of search text highlighting from bolded red text to a background color highlight, to help make it more easily distinguishable and less disruptive.

added search text highlighting to searched words in the chat log

the delivery read date for private messages will now be displayed when mousing over the send date, however this will only be applied to private messages that are read after the addition of this feature, old messages will show the time as not available.

when viewing a user's forum location, if the person is viewing a user profile, the specific user that they're viewing will now be displayed below the location status in the same way that topic titles are.

upgraded the posts and topics made within forum search option, instead of letting you search within so many years prior, it will now let you select a start and end date.

the start date will make it only show topics or posts that were made after that time, and the end date will make it only show topics or posts made before that time, so this allows you to narrow a specific date range down for your search.

also if 2 dates are selected and the end date is before the start date by mistake, it will automatically swap the 2 dates to create a searchable time range. and if the 2 dates are the same which would also result in it matching nothing, then it will reset both fields to no date.

added a private message search feature which can be located at the top of the page to the right of the folders under the Filters category on most private message pages. this feature works just like the forum search, with inclusion and exclusion of some options specific to the forum and private messages.

searching by user will include all private messages to or from that user.

search by condition will allow you to search for private messages that meet certain conditions, such as messages that are faved or aren't faved, messages that are unread, and messages that failed to deliver as a result of them being deleted before they were read.

everything else is identical, but to explain how "Search in" works again for clarification. All words means it must match every word (a word is considered separate if it has a space between it and other text), Any words means that it just needs to match 1 of the words, Same order means that it needs to match all of the words in that specific order but may include anything in-between the spaces, and Exact text searches for the exact text uninterrupted including single and multiple spaces and any spaces at the beginning and end of the search text.

the show all private messages on a single page functionality is also available here, but due to the load for processing messages, the amount will be reduced when displaying results as messages instead of subjects.

also you will be able to manage your messages from the search page as well, in the same way that you can when viewing private message folders.

if you do a blank private message search with the default options, just like on the forum it will find all of your private messages that exist in every folder, using show all with this is a great way to display many of your messages on a single page for backup purposes.

added the option show 2000 msgs per chat log page for logged in users.

fixed a bug that caused a search permission error to be shown when searching the chat log for a non-existent user.

added search within date range to the chat log.

added 2 new search by word types to the chat log, that're the equivalent of "All words" and "Any words" on the forum search. existing ones have been renamed to better explain them, and here's the full explanation of how they work for reference.

Every word (any order)
matches every word including duplicates of the same word in any order in the message. e.g. (searching "test1 test1 test2" will match "test1 test2 test1", but won't match "test1 test2" or "test 1 test 2 test 1").

Every word (same order) [this is the same as "Same order" on the forum search]
matches every word including duplicates of the same, but it must be in the same order in the message. e.g. (searching "test1 test2" will match "test1 test0 test2", but won't match "test2 test1" or "test2" or "test 1 test 2").

All unique words (once each) [this is the same as "All words" on the forum search]
will match messages that have every unique word that was typed at least once. e.g. (searching for "test1 test1 test2" will match "test2 test1", but won't match "test 2 test 1").

Any words (find any once) [this is the same as "Any words" on the forum search]
will match any message that contains at least one of the searched for words, it's considered a word if it's separated by a space or as at the beginning or end of the searched text. e.g. (searching for "test1 test2" will match "test1", but won't match "test 1").

Exact text (includes spaces) [this is the same as "Exact text" on the forum search]
will match the exact text, including multiple spaces in-between text and spaces at beginning or end of the searched text. (note: this is the only search option that supports spaces, and you could even just do an all space search if you wanted).

changed it so that you will no longer lose any post or private message text if you get logged out in-between loading the page and pressing submit or preview, instead you will be presented with a login link and a notice saying that you must login to continue and that any text will be recovered, also this will likely automatically prompt you to re-submit the form on the original page after logging in, you must do so to continue.

and note if you get logged out between closing and re-opening your browser without pressing submit or preview at least once, then you may still lose the text, or the latest changed text since the last submission.

fixed some broken emotes in old posts by running a replace over the old emote text, and added the following emote:  Embarrassed

fixed some issues with the chat and forum on the edge legacy browser

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