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From Topic: Balloono Classic
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This is The End

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Post#1  Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:41 pm  Reply with quote + 
Hi guys, my name is Larry or This is The End :cool: 

I am trying to get everyone to join this website called OMGMOBC. It was originally called "ImInLikeWithYou" which was founded by Charles Forman in 2006 they then changed the name to "IILWY" and then changed it again to "OMGPOP".

There is this one particular game called Balloono Classic which is a remixed version of the old Saturn Bomberman 1997 it visually looks the same and it consists of 6 players max, 3 power ups (Bombs/Speeds/Ranges) and has Simple controls. I have been playing for 11 years, and have played about over 50,000 players so I am experienced. I am trying to promote this game because it needs more players, it's a very nice simple version of bomberman and I think you people here would love it.

If you see this post I would appreciate it if you please replied, if you wish to sign up you can visit the website here:

If you wish to check out what this balloono classic game looks like you can check out this youtube link which features me:

If you are wondering, the game aspect ratio is 1:1 (Square) the reason why the video looks like that, is because I changed it to 16:9 for YouTube aspect ratio. If you want, you can check out my YouTube gaming channel you can type in "ThislsTheEnd Balloono" exactly like that into YouTube search bar. The I is a lowercase L.
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