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View Single Post Topic: SPOILER EDITION: Super Bomberman R
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Sora G. Silverwind

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Post#56  Posted: Sat May 26, 2018 3:58 pm  Reply with quote + 
Plasma Bomber wrote:
Maybe it is because I'm programmed to care more about Bomberman stuff (beep, boop).

Beep bomber-boop! We are bomberbots.

I'm going to change my signature accordingly now.

Plasma Bomber wrote:
On a side note, I don't even play as Plasma Bomber... Is that unexpected? I've waited like two decades for him to be playable, and now that he is, I'm just not feeling it.

Well, now that you mentioned your dissatisfaction with how his character/story was handled, it's not all that surprising...  Sweat Drop
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