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Post#54  Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 4:01 pm  Reply with quote + 
Somehow I'm entirely unsurprised you're concerned about a plot point/development concerning Plasma Bomber.  Wink

This is actually pretty timely for me, as I've recently been thinking about ol' Plaz-Boy and the Planet Scrapheap deal For Reasons(TM). I think I have roughly the same issue as you re: Plasma himself, but from the storytelling/craft side rather than the ethical/moral/philosophical one. (Which in some ways are intertwined, to be sure.) Once he loses his "quirk" (hatin' on all dem organics), what does one do with his character beyond the main story? What does his character development bring to the dynamics between all the other characters? I've managed one solution for this, but I don't think it addresses your problems with his character arc -- it's more for the purposes of comedy. In any case, you're right that it isn't the best-handled thing. I tend to be quite forgiving of most things I read/watch/play/experience for the first time, and even the moment where White answers Plasma's Armor-Piercing Question was a little disappointing to me, although moreso once Plasma has his flashback to being a "good" robot and it was a whole lot of nothing.

(I have also been recently running with the personal interpretation that White isn't the sane man so much as he's the man whose personal brand of insanity is the most socially acceptable out of all of his siblings. Sooooo there's also that.)

Anyway, it probably is just bad/simplified writing. From a worldbuilding perspective, SBR did great with its visual style and it did better with giving Bomberman characters distinct personalities, but it didn't level up its storytelling game quite as much. Granted, the fact that they introduced that uncomfortable implication at all is a step up, so at least there's that. It'll be interesting if Konami ever follows up with that (especially given the out-of-nowhere revelation about Buggman being some eldritch abomination of evil), but who knows.
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