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Post#53  Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 8:14 pm  Reply with quote + 
Ever since, like, the week after I made my last post in this topic, I've intended to return and add another point of commentary, but I've been so busy and tired and also I keep forgetting.  Sweat Drop

Anyway, there's one other thing that bothers me about the story, and it all takes place in World 5, Planet Scrapheap.

Planet Scrapheap is described as a world that is entirely covered in electronic junk. Think about that. A whole planet that the organics dump dead robots on... and the Bomberman Bros. know nothing about it. Aqua shows concern and asks what it is. Black can only speculate that it's "A graveyard for robots, it seems." White doesn't comment at all, which indicates to me that he doesn't have any more information than the second-eldest sibling, which is apparently none.

What's more...

1) We know from the introduction that this is where Pretty Bomber's corpse was dumped.

2) Even Aqua, the second-youngest sibling, knows that Pretty Bomber existed, so they all know that she died... but they have no knowledge of what happened to her body.

3) White and Pink, at least, have emotional reactions to the discovery of Pretty's charm, to her fusion into Great Gattaida, and to her survival, so they clearly have the capacity to care about her.

So when White asks Plasma Bomber what his motivations are, Plasma says that he wants to overthrow the organic life-forms because they create and discard robots at whim, with no regard for their lives. He has a compelling argument. Honestly, when I heard this for the first time, I wondered what response White could possibly offer.

But all White says is "Protecting the universe is the reason we exist".

Plasma Bomber is right - reasoning with him is futile. White's only argument is almost tautological - he protects the organics because that's what they made him for. Even now, so long after I've played the game, I'm still more on board with Plasma Bomber. We're given no compelling reason to fight him at this point.

But what's possibly worse is that, when Plasma Bomber regains his memories, he completely loses this line of thought altogether. It's totally unresolved. He just goes right back to loving the organic life-forms, and the glaring issue that they're all literally standing upon is forgotten entirely. He comes off as more brainwashed at this point than he did when he was under Buggler's influence! It really makes me wonder if the Bombermen don't really have free will... Or maybe it's just poor writing.

Either way, Buggler shows up and announces his secret plan, and the terrible implications of Planet Scrapheap are totally dismissed.

This post is a lot more rambling than I'd imagined it, but I waited way too long to compose it, so here it is. I'd like to know if anybody else has similar thoughts on the matter.
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