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Post#51  Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:59 pm  Reply with quote + 
I totally take your word for the tag match thing, I just didn't realize they'd left such a basic feature out!  Stunned

It's stuff like that which makes me understanding of why there was a lot of criticism of the game after its launch. It feels like the game was incomplete in some critical ways. Hopefully the updates and general continued support will fare it well for its release on other platforms, because yeah, that's happening now.

Regarding the ship thing, herrDoktorat had a theory that maybe, the protagonists were meant to steal Buggler's ship and tow the other two ships behind them back home? It would explain why all of the characters fit into one ship so neatly, and why the interior of said ship appears to be kind of saucer-shaped. And really, when I saw a screenshot of Plasma and the others standing in that ship at the end, long before I played the game, I thought it was from a cinematic showing them standing in Buggler's ship (summoned before combining into Gattaida, I assumed).

...Although it still doesn't explain why the exterior shot (the window, when Plasma says "It's over") doesn't match any one of the three ships present.  Sigh

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something else in my initial post - I also favour the decision to reset power-ups at the beginning of each world. It keeps the player from becoming OP and just powering through the rest of the game. Also, I like that the stage doesn't reset when the player is hit, and that special items aren't lost either. All of this meshes well with the enhanced difficulty.
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