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Post#49  Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:04 pm  Reply with quote + 
Oh yeah. I gave it another read just now (I'm fairly certain I'd read it before but it would have been like a year ago  Stunned ). Did the game originally not have a tag match option? I knew about the problems with controls and stuff, but wow. I'm still surprised by how much they had to fix after the initial release. It continues to boggle me when so many big studio games come out nowadays that need patches just to fill out the gameplay and fix what should have been shipped with them.

As it stands though, I really like how it has turned out, but I totally understand why it's not for everybody.

Your comments on the camera reminded me that I'd wanted to mention that. I don't have a problem with the camera angles at all in regards to movement, but due to the scenery and lighting, there were situations where I found the terrain confusing on my first playthrough. Basically, ledges where I didn't realize there were ledges. Also, there is maybe one stage, maybe two, where the camera seems a bit too close - they're survival stages and it's hard to know where all the enemies are. But maybe that was intentional?

And yeah, the scenery could have used some work. Mainily, I feel like if the border walls were distinct and not just repeated tiles, it would have done enough wonders. As for the disparity between the cutscenes and the gameplay graphics, it doesn't really bother me and I like the general aesthetic, though I also wouldn't have minded cartoony cel-shading either.

...I've remembered that there was one more odd thing I wanted to discuss: Why is Gwinbee Judgement being towed away at the end of the story? How did it even get there? Nobody is even riding in it...? Also, how do 13 people (including the massive Golem Bomber) fit into the shuttle when White was cramming the siblings in there at the onset of the journey? Or are they in Gwinbee? It's not really clear. The brief glimpse of the outside of the ship they're in has Gwinbee colours, but it doesn't match up with its design at all.

And lastly, to tie it all in, something which has undoubtedly been discussed...

What is going on here? It looks like a scene was cut, which would have explained some things. Maybe it was cut for streamlining purposes. Or maybe it was because they decided to write Buggler's ship out of the story? After all, in the final game, there is absolutely no indication that Buggler even has a ship. It looks more like he's just floating out there on his own. This indicates to me that either they decided that having a saucer would be redundant if the battles just take place in space, or perhaps that Buggler's backstory was more traditional in the concept phase, and that they wrote the ship out after deciding that he didn't really need one if he's some cosmic entity.

But who knows at this point.
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