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I'm leaving. For a while. (Bomberman Board)

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Post#1  Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:00 pm    Post subject: I'm leaving. For a while. (Bomberman Board)  Reply with quote + 
So... Today marks a month and two days (as of this post) since I joined this "forum". And I have to say, it was quite the experience. Laughing . I met some truly great people on this "forum" (Legato, for example. He's a good person. I'm even subscribed to his YouTube channel). But then, There were some people who were just OUT for me. I honestly don't know what to call this. The "Month of Bomberman Board"? I'll just go with that name. Ok.

Let's do a long recap of what happened here (I have ALL day). So, on July 14, 2017, I joined this "forum" when I rediscovered Bomberman '08 (Bomberman '94 remake for mobile devices). Up to that point, The game was scarcely documented at the time. Many people came to see the new sight (Did you see those views?). Eventually, A whole effort to archive the Bomberman Mobile Games was made (Thanks to Legato Peace Wink ).

But then... the problems started.

I also made a "forum" game. I decided to "Advertise" it in the "Forum Chat". But then, someone said, and I quote: "Everyone knows, people just aren't interested in that type of thing anymore." Firstly, I didn't know THAT! I'm a new member! I'm not "Everyone"! Is there some kind of hidden chat on this "forum" that explains that?! Secondly, I don't believe you.

That was the First Conflict!

Then, Ragey posted on the Mobile Thread (Yay!). His Website is my go-to Bomberman source, so you can imagine how happy I was. He was glad that I found Bomberman '08. Unfortunately, That was the end of the good times. Bad times were coming.

The Wave Of Bad Vibes.

In the "Forum Chat" (I should've avoided it), I asked Legato about his views on Bomberman Touch 1 and 2. He said that the touch controls weren't that good. Then here comes "a certain someone" like a wrecking ball! When I siad that the Touch Controls in NES.Emu were actually good, they Dismissed me and said that the Controls were bad without even trying it because it was touch controls. You can probably guess what happened next. I fought them. After I said what I needed to say, I didn't even touch this "forum" for a few days because I was SO annoyed.

That was the Second Conflict!

A few days later, I returned to the "forum". I noticed that my posts were being merged into one. I made a post asking why my posts were being merged. Then here comes Mr.Board Moderator, Making a 100 word essay (That's an understatement) telling me that I'm "Posting too much" (His words, Not mine). He also said that was increasing post count just so I could increase my site rank (another lie). He should be happy that I post 1-2 (3, on a FEW days) posts in MY thread on average. He then said that Most "Forums" don't accept that (ANOTHER LIE!).

That was the Third Conflict! The aftermath.

When a Moderator that I don't know tries to bother me, I usually don't take it lying down (In other words, I'm not scared of Online Moderators). But, in this case, I was so saddened by the things he said, that I decided to REMOVE the Bomberman '08 download link (You can find it on Legato/Steamy Jimmy's longplay) from this website as retaliation. After going on someone's livestream and discussing this, the streamer said that they should be happy that someone is posting so much when Bomberman isn't too popular.

And that's the end of my story. The Horrible treatment I received from The Board Moderator, And people in "Forum Chat" drives through a wall! Flame Eyes and that's why I'm leaving this forum. Good Bye everyone. It was an experience like no other.
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Post#2  Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:04 pm  Reply with quote + 
Also, DON'T reply here. I won't see it because this is my last visit to this website.
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Post#3  Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:04 pm  Reply with quote + 
As it appears that you didn't read my original reply addressed to you in the other topic, I'm just going to start off by quoting it here.
Razon wrote:
Note that I merely stated the forum rules in my post and pointed out what you were doing for the purpose of enforcing said rules, it's not a personal attack or mistreatment of any kind.

I did not accuse you of double posting with ill intention, or for the sake of raising your post count. I said that it's one of the negative cases that double posting can sometimes be associated with, along with other scenarios.

Also I didn't say that I wanted you to stop posting, quite the contrary in fact as I had provided you a bulletin list of advice on ways to go about making better forum posts, as to help encourage posting etiquette that falls in line with the forum standards.

Among other things, you said that you didn't know what double posting was when it was mentioned to you before, and it appeared that you are likely new to using forums in general.

So I took the time to explain in detail what double posting is, and the reasons as to why it's typically not allowed or is discouraged against. Followed by kindly asking you to refrain from double posting, while providing advice on how to do exactly that.
For everyone else reading this that wants to see what was actually said, the original post that BakuBonba is complaining about can be found at the following link. Along with his response to it, and the post that I just quoted.

Now then, to further address the things you mentioned in this topic.

It's no lie that the majority of forums have some kind of restrictions against making multiple posts in a row, especially when done shortly after the other post or without a proper reason to do so.

It's strongly suggested that you either don't have any, or barely have any real forum experience prior to this. Since you didn't know what double posting was, or even know how to post images when you first joined, which is a near universal standard in what would be considered an internet forum.

But regardless of what other forums allow, you had a reason to know about our stance on the matter because it's stated in our forum rules. And when you signed up to the forum, you were required to check a box that said you read the rules and agreed to follow them, as can be seen here.

Some other members had also mentioned it to you in the chat a few weeks ago, which can be seen in this screenshot msg #188035 of the chat log. As shown in the screenshot, they recommended that you do not double post and gave the reason why, and then provided you a brief explanation on what double posting is when you asked what it was.

However since you were still doing it more than 2 weeks later, and showed no signs of stopping with around half of your posts on this forum having been multiple in a row. For the sake of enforcing the rules, I took the time to let you know what the forum rules were. And that how you had been posting didn't fall in-line with the rules, whether it was intentional or not. This was followed by an easy to understand detailed explanation for you on the subject, including some useful tips on how to improve your posting habits.

I merely stated what the rules were, and kindly asked you to follow them from there on out, while providing some advice to help you do just that. I said that we're lenient on the matter, and no warning or anything of the sort had even been given. Yet you proceeded to misconstrue my words, and presumably didn't read or listen to anything that I said in my follow up reply. And you even went as far as to make this topic, which almost entirely consists of you complaining about other users and attempting to commit defamation.

I provided links as reference in this post, which shows how you lied in this topic about what I said and did, and tried to put words in my mouth. I didn't call you out in my previous post about the negative way that you had responded to my first message, but you crossed the line with the poor behavior that you showed in this topic after that.

Also regardless of how popular Bomberman is, we have no reason or obligation to be grateful or accepting of any posts that are in violation of the guidelines stated in the forum rules. A forum is a service that's only offered under the terms that you abide by the rules of which you agreed upon by registering and continuing to use it, it's not a lawless land where you're entitled to do whatever you wish.

If you disrespect and ignore warnings from the administration or moderation teams who are merely enforcing the rules or terms of service on websites, then you should expect there to be repercussions on that service for your actions.

You double posted the entire time which implies you did not read or care about the forum rules, you did not listen when any regular members pointed it out, and then you essentially threw a tantrum and tried to attack and slander the person responsible for actually enforcing the rules when they mentioned it to you nicely in a formal manner.

Given the circumstances of your actions, and the short amount of time that you've been with us. You're getting issued a warning for doing this, because the manner in which you reacted was uncalled for and it's not an acceptable way to act on this community, let alone in general for that matter.

In the event that you come back, if you choose to disregard this post and continue acting in the same manner, without acknowledging how you acted or what the moderation team has to say regarding enforcement of the rules. Then that means that you do not actually agree to the rules, and you will be denied any further access to the forum accordingly.

Note: This topic will be moved at least at a later time, as it's not bomberman related, or suitable to begin with due to the negative intentions it was created with.
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they're not entitled to their own facts."
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