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Post#27  Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:32 pm  Reply with quote + 
I gave legato's playthrough of 3D Bomberman Atomic (thanks, Jimmy!) a cursory look and identified as many graphical sources as I could:

Bomberman World
Bomberman (appears to be world map pre-renders as he isn't isometric)
Ballom (Challenge Game)
Sabotegoron (W2; cactus)
Rokkun (W3)
Earth Bomber
Sparky (W4; jellyfish)
Saucer (W5)
Red Bomberman
Fire Bomber
Black Bomberman
Phara (W3)
Typhoon (fan; W2)

Bomberman 64
Cerberus/Absolute (full model)

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!!
Black hole
Angel of Light and Shadow (full model)
Title screen (tracing of Survival mode graphic; colours are simplified, Bomberman's face has been altered from a terrified expression to a "serious" one, and other characters/bombs/scenery have been removed)

Menu graphic of Bomberman with bomb in hand (I can't remember where it originates, but it's fairly common to see now)
"Level cleared" graphic of Bomberman (I also can't remember the source, but I don't think this is original)

Tank boss (full model)
Rabbit boss (full model)
Bomberman defeated graphic (this actually looks custom drawn)


It looks like most of the assets come from Bomberman World, the actual pre-rendered sprites used in the game. Since this game is not isometric, despite being 3D, this gives enemies a weirdly tilted appearance. Fortunately for the devs, they had the world map graphic to use for Bomberman, so at least he's adjusted a bit more appropriately.

Where it gets kind of strange is that they got their hands on the actual, full models of the Angel and Cerberus from Baku 1 & 2. It looks like they only had the models, as the animations on the Angel are new (it looks like it's... walking... with a cane...).

The other two bosses - the tank and rabbit, the latter of which will assuredly appear in my nightmares - don't seem to originate from Bomberman as far as I can remember. Given the state of the rest of the game's graphics, I have to wonder if they came from someplace else.

If anybody else can help identify possible sources for other graphics, including backgrounds and items and whatnot, if they are not indeed original, it would be much appreciated.

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