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Post#22  Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:02 am  Reply with quote + 
@BakuBonba Yes I intend on playing every one of these I can possibly emulate. I'm usually the guy around here to do a lot of odd grunt work for the Bomberman series. I don't mind playing through these games despite how difficult or boring they can be. I'm actually uploading Deluxe as I type this.  Peace Wink

Bomberman 3D is on my list as well. I had the same problem, only the 176x208 version works of the ones I've tried. It looks a bit bad so I'm going to search the internet for a while before I do a playthrough of it.

I can only upload about one playthrough a day right now due to the huge demand on my computer to render these videos. Considering they are 1080p and 60 fps, it takes at least 6 hours to render the video, even with my i7 core. Uploading it to youtube takes about 3 hours total from start to finish so it's a lengthy process. We'll get there though, just hang tight my friend.  Cool
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