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Bomberman Hero hacking
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Post#1  Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:41 pm  Reply with quote + 
The following data is comprised of ROM and RAM finds that I figured some on this message board would fancy.
The following was done by various members of an IRC called #.blank. Which can be found on the Rizon network. (Note, you you can trace RAM addresses to ROM though the DMA controller of course) You can find us here as well:

Tools (To get started, at least)
The ROM addresses that you see can of course be worked with with a hex editor, however, you can also view the locations in MIPS source/disassembled code rather than ol' base16 strictly, at least. Nemu64. An emulator that has tons of debugging features but hasn't been worked on in over a decade and is relativity buggy but is still, by far, your best option for the content I have displayed here. For assembling gameshark codes in C
Tutorial applicable to the toolchain: Setting it up LemASM is an assembler/dissembler and ROM editor which also allows hex view A better program than LemASM and could become your best friend Renegade64 can hook to any N64 emulator and is a capable of assembling MIPS R4300i code to into gs code format, memory scanning and other things you can figure out on your own. Source

There are tutorials below for everything I posted above!

Desire to learn how you can make use of this newly acquired knowledge? Here I give you a list that I compiled with practical, informative tutorials, guides, references, etc: Every Nintendo 64 programming manual (excluding games, including 64DD). Excellent resource R4000 manual ISA Opcodes (A lot more can be found by navigating back to the n64dev directory)

Want stuff with more layman's terms and hands on/practical?

These first two I assume will be of much avail for beginners. Practical usage An amazing MIPS course
First off, I recommend the above for everyone, noob or not. The former is the most "practical" guide of the bunch that I keep blabbing on about; the latter is a college course on MIPS. Those two should work perfectly.

Moreover, I still provided more links just in case. SM64 Hello world with MIPS hacking Introduction to LemASM Learning basic debugging tool usage and a very basic introduction to assembly (Is also quite good) A brief, but not well explained, tutorial for tracing basic arithmetic operations and making a gs out of assembly An old practical, informative tutorial to Nintendo 64 hacking In depth gameshark code creating guide Practical OoT tutorial for making gameshark codes with c Same as above, but for Super Mario 64 and more explanatory Yet again more practical tutorials on some daily planner looking system

I cannot link to ROMs for legal reasons and the terms and conditions of this site. You can find them yourself easily through Google.
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