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Post#12  Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:29 am  Reply with quote + 
Yeah, alright. It's not so much of a display as it is just them kind of arranged on a bookshelf, but here's what I've got:

From left to right:

* Bomberman with a Mechanical Egg. You can see a painted version of this on page 5 of the SB4 Guidebook. It's a 3D representation of the artwork in the manual, page 3. There was also one of the art for the Push powerup, but somebody else outbid me. :(

* Plasma Bomber, Golem Bomber, Pretty Bomber. There are two sets of the Fiendish Bombers. This set appears to be from Super Bomberman 3, judging by the way Pretty Bomber's face looks. I've never seen the Magnet or Brain Bomber figures from this set. Golem Bomber is the first I bought; I showed it off years ago in that Bomberman pile thread. All the figures in this set are translucent.

* Monk Bomber? I believe that this may actually just be from the generic sports Bombermen set, but the design is absolutely identical to the gear worn by Monk Bomber, Bomberman in the intro to Bomberman Online, and Bomberman in the Master Mode of Saturn Bomberman. There are Saturn Bomberman figures, but I actually don't believe that this figure belongs to that set. It certainly has nothing to do with Bomberman Wars/World, which don't have sets. It's likely just a generic sports figure. It makes me wonder which came first, though, in terms of design (even the writing on his gi is the same as in those games)...

* Metal Bomber. He's part of a World Bombers set. It only includes the characters featured in Super Bomberman 3. Rui and Professor Bagura are also a part of that set.

* Now this is interesting. This appears to be God Bomber, from the cancelled Virtual Boy game. You know, the one from which Bomberman World drew its inspiration? He's missing his cape, but I didn't care much at the time, as he was cheap and I was purchasing other figures with him. I mostly just have him so I could look at him more closesly. It's totally God Bomber, guys. What in the world? My best guess is that he's a part of the Panic Bomber (VB) set, which includes those four monster guys from the game. I'm not sure why. Maybe they had already made a figure for him when the game was cancelled? Maybe the intent was promotional? Who knows?

* All five of the Fiendish Bombers. These are distinctly Super Bomberman 2 figures. You can tell by the way Pretty Bomber's face looks. Brain Bomber is the only one who has an attachment. The figure I have was supposed to have his cape, but after I ordered it, it turned out that the seller had rushed and used an old image from an earlier figure they'd sold. I got an extra figure out of that mix-up. I suppose I'll have to buy another Brain Bomber at some point...

* Professor Bagura. You can see him lurking in the back. He's missing his cape. He's a part of the Super Bomberman 3 set that involves Rui and the World Bombers.

* Great Bomber and Jet Bomber. As I've stated before, it seems as though Great Bomber and the Shitennou all have attachments. If you're buying them, make sure they have them.

* Dragon Bomber. I got him as a freebie, as I mentioned earlier. He's missing his tail. I don't believe I've ever seen a Dragon Bomber that still had his tail attachment. There are figures for all five of the Master Bombers from the Master Mode of Saturn Bomberman. Strangely, Dragon Bomber appears to be the most common on eBay.

* Monster Bomber and Mummy Bomber. There are figures for all four of these guys from the Virtual Boy edition of Panic Bomber. Bompire is the only one who has an attachment (his cape).

In total, I guess I have 18 keshi.

* These aren't keshi, but in the back, you can see I have some other stuff. A close friend bought these for me, maybe earlier in the year or last year, for a birthday or something. I don't know.

The two in the front are B-Da Armours. The blue one is called "Aqua Bomber Bomber" (yes it's "Bomber" twice) and seems to be from a set called "Bakugaiden III". I don't know much about B-Daman figures. The pilot is Mizuirobon, or "Aqua (Coloured) Bomber", not to be confused with the Wars/World villain.

The red one is called 鉄白虎, or "Iron White Tiger". It appears to be from a set simply entitled "B-Daman Bakugaiden". The pilot is ティーゲル, or "Tigeru", who appears to be a villain of some sort. I really don't know, sorry!

The one in the back is the same model of the "B-Da Target Practice Game" that BombermanBoard user [url=""]DragonBomber[/url] owns.


Since this post is already pretty long, I'll list out all the sets of Bomberman keshi, as far as I have been made aware:

* Sports Bombermen: Just generic Bombermen dressed up for sports.

* Fantasy Bombermen: Don't get confused, they have nothing to do with Bomberman Wars and likely were released years before that game. They're just generic Bombermen dressed up with wands and shields and stuff.

* Super Bomberman 2: The 5 Fiendish Bombers, as seen above.

* Super Bomberman 3: There are two sets, actually:
*** The 5 Fiendish Bombers and Bomberman. These are all translucent figures, which is the most immediate way of distinguishing them - all other figures that I've seen are opaque. The Fiendish Bombers are all holding bombs (at least the three I've seen), while Bomberman is pointing and winking.
*** The World Bombers: They're only the World Bombers from Super Bomberman 3. This set includes Professor Bagura, Rui, Bomberman giving two victory signs, and yet another freaking Pretty Bomber. Seriously, you can have three distinctly different Pretty Bombers on your shelf... She's waving one hand in this version.

* Super Bomberman 4: Great Bomber and the Bomber Shitennou, Bomberman with a Mechanical Egg, Bomberman riding a Dogun Jr., Bomberman lifting another Bomberman, Bomberman riding an Angora, and Bomberman pushing another Bomberman. You can see painted versions of all of these figures in the Super Bomberman 4 Hudson Official Guidebook, which you can find on Ragey's website.

* Panic Bomber (Virtual Boy): Wolf Bomber, Monster Bomber, Mummy Bomber, Bompire, and God Bomber. I'm lumping God Bomber together with these guys because he fits nowhere else, and unless he was given out at events, he had to be lumped with some set or another in a gachapon machine.

* Saturn Bomberman: The 5 Master Bombermen.

* Indy Bomber, from Bomberman GB 2. Surely he must fit into some group, but I don't know which. Don't mistake him for Bomber Kid; this one is smiling and giving a thumbs up, and he has the satchel that Indy Bomber has.

* Super Bomberman 5: Now this is weird. From what I've seen, it appears to be the 8 Fiendish Bombers from the game. I'm not sure if there is a Terorin figure as I've only seen a few of them, and thus have extrapolated the other Bombers to exist. What's weird about them is that I've only ever seen them once - on an eBay auction - and they're half the size of the rest of the Bomberman figures. I'm not sure why that is.

If anybody has any more questions, I'd gladly answer them to the best of my ability.
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