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View Single Post Topic: Looking for Bomberman 4 Mini Figures
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Post#4  Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:59 pm  Reply with quote + 
Yeah, that Jet Bomber has been up for a while. I see a lot of figures with attachments missing, like capes and stuff. The most common figures on eBay seem to be the generic sports and fantasy Bombermen, with some World Bombers sprinkled in.

As for those Kabaya toys (not sure how much you know about them, but I think they came with candy), I've never seen them for sale on eBay. If you'd like to see a better picture of a couple of them, though, here's a good image. I think we've lucked out with getting so many Bomberman keshi these last few years as there are some merchants on eBay who specialize in dealing those toys. I don't really know of any other good online market for obtaining such obscure treasures internationally. If someone out there knows of another place, feel free to chime in here. Otherwise, just keep tabs on eBay once or twice a month at least. Right now, it's mostly keshi and B-Daman figures, but the occasional oddity slips through.
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