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Almost a decade and a half ago, Hudson was working on a PS2 game titled Bomberman 2001 that had a radically different premise and art style from previous Bombermans (nonetheless it looked a lot better than the 360 reboot which would be Hudson's later attempt at a serious change). However very little info was given and the title appeared to be cancelled.

I remember the defunct website Bombermania had a story on the game, along with screens of the game and promo material. The story is archived here, but alas only the logo remains still up, with some info:

At the E3 convention 2000 Hudson showed a short movie with a new game they were working on. The working title was Bomberman 2001. A game that had a little girl as main character. She was a hacker that got trapped in a maze of digital problems. Now she needs to get out and will use bombs to do it. We wern't actually allowed to take pictures there but it was a bit of shocking news so we did it anyway (sorry Hudson). What will happen to good old Bomberman? These photo's and scans from they're flyer are the only thing we have right now.

I am wondering if anyone here has the game screens/promo material screens of the game that no longer are up. I remember Bombermania being run by Bomberman community fixture Johann, though I don't know where he is at this time. If someone can reach him, he is probably the best bet to get the media of this game. It is an interesting curiosity that I'm certain Bomberman fans would like to see more about.
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