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View Single Post Topic: Photo of my bomberman pile.
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Post#65  Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:39 am  Reply with quote + 
Yeah, I am pretty sure when I get the European copy sitting there, all unholy in its potentially multi-lingual instruction manual, and somehow align them into a triad of demonic possession and blood thirsty insanity, there will be a gate opened and mighty Cthulhu himself will walk through and ask me where the hell his virginic women are located, and how best he should begin to get drunk on the blood of the innocent he shall slaughter.

Something interesting to note is that the Japanese manual for Act Zero is actually partially in color, so that the fun little powerup blurbs, while not in English, are much prettier to look at. There is also different incidental artwork used as the background and borders for pages. I am not sure what will be gleaned from the European copy manual, but perhaps there is something fun there as well. I was especially bummed that some manuals were only ever printed in black and white or worse yet, some obscene blurred or low quality grayscale nightmare. Sega Genesis Mega Bomberman is the one I truly had a cry over, though I hope for good things when I get the UK edition of it for the MegaDrive. Don't ruin it for me if it is in grayscale also, despite the blue looking awesome tones here and there. If it is, I want to have one of those ripped-from-movie-scenes moments where I fall to my knees, close my eyes, hands to the sky, and shout "whhhhhhhyyyyy?" or perhaps "noooooooooooo". If I choose to do this in public I may have to pepper it up with something more entertaining like "chilllllliiiiiiiii frrrriiiiieeeesssssss!"

I can totally see that being the funniest thing ever to prank people with, should I have it delivered, let it go undelivered, then I pick it up at the local USPS office, get all excited for the crowd of lookie-lous, tear it open while making some hungry sounds and simply state "what the f*#$!" and then proceed to fall to my knees, etc. LOL Only if there is a camera standing by to capture it for my YouTube channel, with the dubious title "Fat dude likes chili fries I guess?"

I still have yet play an original copy of US Saturn Bomberman on my console, just burned copies and the original and burned import copies. I can see it being pretty fantastic, especially when mixed with some Chu Chu Rocket, brats, beer, and bros, y0. I hope you find that awesome person someday, and if your type, have great emotionally-positive happy time experiences with them, then stop playing Bomberman, and do all the other cool stuff you can do with a person. :D

I will save up any new bomberman items for a 4th pile photo once the stars align and darkness once more creeps across my bank account, and Cthulhu knocks at the door, spawning dreams in the minds of simpler men and women, beckoning me to let him in! lol
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