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Post#63  Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:27 am  Reply with quote + 
Yeah, I was amused that there was a soft foam target gun set myself. The California eBay person had 8 or whatever of them last I saw. I would not mind a second to play:

Bomberman Target Battle Wars!

The downside is I would never be able to obtain 8-10 of them to play it like it was meant to be played, a la Saturn Bomberman, and so forth. ;) Two of the Eric and the Floaters releases are there, and I'll keep my eyes open for others that I can afford as they become auctioned and such.

As you see also, I finally have a US copy of Saturn Bomberman! lol I never had it because I had gotten into Saturn late, and missed a $15 used rough copy from a local flea market. I went home thinking it'd be there the next time the flea market was opened since the guy was a regular indoor vendor. But no, he was ALL GONE by then, in less than a week. I never had seen the game live in the wild except for that single time, and I worked flea markets for a job, and went to that guy's stall a ton. Didn't have the $15 that day, having spent my wages on other stuff, then BOOM. It was like a Floater popping. I got over that huge soul-crushing affair, and bought the import copies since they were MUCH cheaper. I still need to get the original Japanese edition eventually in mint shape, as I have the other two Japanese release of Saturn Bomberman, and then Wars and Fight.

The cool thing about this copy of Saturn Bomberman, and the story of "finding" it was that I either was given the link by an Aussie friend to the site's selling of that MSX Kuma release of Eric and the Floaters dirt cheap OR I did a Google search FOR that release to buy since eBay was empty. I had been given an eBay link by said awesome Aussie to a dirt cheap copy of the ZX Spectrum edition, which actually started my whole March Madness buying binge for my birthday, which is today. lol I figured buy it all in March and it will arrive by April whatever no matter where in the world it comes from and no matter how they ship it. :) And it worked amazingly well! I got to this English site however I got there and bought the MSX copy cheap, and then looked for other bomberman items. He had that mint copy, and I mean mint, as the disc and manual are perfect, and the case is even perfect. North American copy but being sold by an English site. I am not sure why he was selling it for half of the normal eBay price for a copy in BETTER shape, but I jumped on that like a rabid wolverine bomber.

Now, there is one of two ways to look at this. Either I just karmically got the best deal of the century without any hitches, or I freely bought a cursed object. I am not sure to be honest. In addition to that, as you see in the photo I bought another copy of US Xbox 360 Bomberman: Act Zero because I gave the other one away in fear or potentially threat of self harm if I played it too long? :) No...I didn't have a 360 then and a buddy said it "wasn't too bad as a game...if you forgot the bomberman license" which is more or less how I see the title. Mostly. SO, now I have TWO copies of the game and will eventually have the European edition with the same cover as the Japanese edition too. Someday. The Japanese copy came in a 5 or more game bundle I got insanely cheap as well. Every auction ended up being fairly inexpensive.

The reason I say it's cursed? Well, since that game came into the house I have had nothing but good luck, awesome things happening to me, smiles, confidence, YAY, and such, while my wife has steadily lost her mind, ended up deciding we really did need to separate from each other due to her own personal issues and handling of them, put herself in managed care for 5 days, then decide just early in the am today, that we could not stay in the same apartment and she moved out to her mom's house. It is going amicably though it hurts. It begun just after her 30th birthday party and just an array of things meant to make her day perfect. It came out of nowhere like an evil force caught in the material of said awesome game content. Is it really cursed? I don't know. But, I am going to either blame the dual copies of Act Zero or a cursed Saturn Bomberman for finally unhinging my wife from where she never thought she would leave. I cannot make any other sense of it other than that in how it so rapidly spun into failsville. lol

I'm doing fine though. No worries. The bomberman pile is safe and not on fire or anything. lol
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