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View Single Post Topic: Does anyone of you have Facebook?
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THE Gold Bomberman

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Post#6  Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:23 am  Reply with quote + 
Appreciate the greetings guys. I've been doing pretty well lately, thanks.

As for Face Book, it took me several years of finally convincing myself to just get an account already, and honestly... I regret not having done it sooner because it's nice being able to connect with relatives and others you almost never get the chance to meat up with in person.

Bummer... Sadly I do not have a facebook... Never had much interest before.
lol, I suddenly almost want to make one though...

Then hey! I say give it a shot. It's very quick and simple to get into.
The size of the world has changed. It's changed to the size were you can control it with your hands just like a PDA. The world will keep getting smaller.

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