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Post#11  Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:57 pm  Reply with quote + 
Hello again folks! I've still been following the Republican nominations pretty closely and with only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney still running its been getting pretty interesting.

Romney is ahead in delegates which are the people that vote for a candidate at the Republican convention later this year. You need a majority of 1144 to win the nomination outright, but no one has that yet. If it stays that way there will be a brokered convention where delegates that were bound to vote for a particular candidate by their state's primaries on the first round of voting will released for further rounds of voting and will be able to vote their conscious.
This here is probably the closest representation of delegates right now but it's still probably off. and I know for a fact that many of Santorum's (who has suspended his campaign) delegates will switch to Paul once released and even a good chunk of Gingrinch's (whose campaign is pretty much over as well, he's out of money) and even Romney's own delegates because Ron Paul supporters go to the state caucuses to elect the delegates.

With that in mind Ron Paul could very well have 400-500 right now and Romney less then 800, a lot of this depends on the uncommitted people who will vote by personal preference, and I have a feeling Paul has a lot of those too. Based on a lot of the Caucus results I read about.

So I think if we can keep Romney from reaching the threshold of 1144 Ron Paul could very well win the nomination.

He just needs to do well in the remaining 10ish states that haven't voted yet. Especially the California and Texas primaries which both have a large number of delegates at stake.

Anyway I just wanted to get the word out there and if you guys would be generous enough I'm trying to get people to sign this petition online that requests CNN or some other news outlet hold one more debate between the 2 remaining candidates. This would give Ron Paul a chance to get his message out to everyone else since he'd have much more time to speak and clearly explain his views then he did in previous debates where he hardly got any time at all in some of them.

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