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From Topic: First man of 2012
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Post#5  Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:47 pm  Reply with quote + 
Any whoooooom. My internet died out. I must thank you all botten of my heart.

So uh yeah. Im gonna read the rules and then I will see what I can post to the art secetion. Im not hoping to submit. I dont carry hope nor the lights.

We will see what the futrue holds for me. Im from norway. My grammer sucks I know 6 landuages since... it's sorta required hahaha.... that wasn't that funny after all.
What kinda Demon do you workship MR.Z?
The only good one that sets you free.

Eh I had a really good come-back at first but then I forgot about it when I was writing in this Signature box of mine and this is how you waste someones time, By making them read your Signature.
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