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Post#7  Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:34 pm  Reply with quote + 
Yeah, that's basically what The Patriot Act is. It let's the president kill whoever he wants if he suspects them of terrorism without a trial. Not very patriotic is it?

I read somewhere online someone wrote "When a President can kill whoever he wants, he is no longer a president, he's a king."

I couldn't of put it any better myself!

I agree with almost everything you say though plasm! Most of the people running our country our clowns who don't give a shit about us, but at the same time we elected them. Unfortunately there's a lot of people in this country that vote for people blindly without knowing shit about them. This video from the 2008 election is a fantastic example....

So really a lot of the time we have problems in this country is cause the people in our country can't make good decisions.

Anyway, there are a few folks here and there who are really out to help us, not many but a few. we gotta somehow get them all elected to make our lives better.

Should Ron Paul win the presidency our current congress would definitely give him hell but Ron Paul will basically veto everything that's unconstitutional and everything that will increase government spending. He's determined to fix this economy by making massive cuts to government spending.

Our current government with the federal reserve can just print up money whenever they need it for their oversees meddling with other countries and other nonsense. Which in turn devalues our dollar and that's why prices on everything have been going up and up and we're all going broke. Ron Paul also wants to put an end to all that. He wants to at least audit the federal reserve and publish the results so America can know what this money is being printed and used for. Then we can judge for ourselves.

People are getting fed up with it and starting to realize that this election is gonna be really important.

I'm also gonna add a nice instructional video for people that would like to learn how to vote for people in this country that i found on youtube. It'll also be in my first post.

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