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Regulus 777

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Post#1  Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:41 am  Reply with quote + 
Good Evening Gentlemen! I was wondering if anyone here had any interest in politics? Particularly the American Presidential election coming up next year. I've been following the Republican GOP nominations somewhat the past few months and I'm a huge fan of Ron Paul and am supporting him.

If you aren't familiar with him check him out, see what he has to say, and let me what you think.

He basically wants to cut government power and spending big time so we can be more free and restore our terrible economy.

Thoughts? Even if you don't live here and would like to voice opinions about your own issues. I'll try to check it out and give you feedback as well on your issues!

How to vote in Republican GOP Nomination in America if you're interested!
I'd implore everyone in America to really give this some thought.

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