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Viewing Single Post From Topic: Winter Holidays and New Year 2011
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Post#9  Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:43 pm  Reply with quote + 
Happy new year all. I'm very happy to leave 2011 behind, its been a difficult year. 2011 however is full of promise.

Well the UK was covered in snow, Scotland where i am at the moment was hit very very hard and the government's response was useless. This country isn't used to snow, there are no mandatory winter tyre laws and drivers are inexperienced in the conditions so disruption is always a given. Coupled with the lack of grit deployment, the transport minister eventually resigned.

In the build up to christmas, i actually had to spend a night in the office as the roads home were un-passable due to jack-knifed lorries and people who had abandoned their vehicles, there was a bunch of us tho and we raided the Managing Director's alcohol buro so the best was made. Was actually a fun night.

But this was my first white christmas (it usually rains), and as the roads were impassable, my family couldn't make it to Scotland for Christmas, so i took a train back to England instead to my home town. It was great, got to see loads of old faces over christmas and new year. Hogmanay would have been better in Scotland as people make fore of an effort for that up there but can't have it all.

A friend brought me a Ukelele, i'm actually going to make a good effort to learn how to use it properly

I'de pop up a snap or two in the picture topic but i think i was the last to use it so won't swamp it.
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