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From Topic: Can fanart be weird?
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Post#12  Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:27 pm  Reply with quote + 
Though I know this topic might be old, it is still in my interest~

It is sure that there can be some weird art-styles in the art community, but it also depends on how the own tastes are. Some artists like to make human-related characters into a realistic portrait style rather than the normal style we all know, some artists like to make them look young and/or childish.

Every artist is getting their own style doing practise, and it's always common that the "new" style is something that people will or will not enjoy, so the interest splits.

Drawing for 16 years now I know what it means to get enjoyed or ignored for a new style, I even had one of my friends that hated my new style and told me that the older was better. That's a point where I say you can be honest to your people, but you shouldn't tell them what to draw and how to draw the characters.

Being a fan of horror and survival games and movies, the only "weird fanart" I could state is the macabre art. I know it doesn't fit for someone who likes horror movies, but I just can't stand pictures like that, especially when they really look TOO realistic.

Other than that it's a question of taste, some enjoy and some don't :3

But it's still an interesting topic because I like knowing the opinions of the people when it comes down to several styles in the art community~

As for the Mario & Yoshi pictures. I guess some people like to point out the realism of things like that, since you must remember that Yoshi is actually a dinosaur and doesn't even looks / acts that way ;3 I guess some artists also like to point out unrealistic things in a game's franchise by making such kind of artworks. You can say they make fun out of them, but they still do appreciate the franchise (be careful though, some don't!) :3

On the other hand... the only thing I do not enjoy is those "mountains of muscles" styles xD It's okay when they have a few muscles, but not in a overflowing way. It makes them more... "unhot" ;P
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