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Post#6  Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:20 pm  Reply with quote + 
Decent day here. We were going to go to my wife's brother or sister's house for a late meal but then she had to work, so we opted out. That was actually A++ because I did not want to go anyways. Her sister is a big too judgmental. Sadly, that meant my wife worked that night, and no holiday pay. But, she didn't go in until midnight so that was cool.

We had dinner at the house, as her mom decided to cook the night before. Standard turkey and all that, tasty stuff. I had like 8 deviled eggs and it was horrible the next day for my wife. lol

Saturday we did go to her brother's house tho, last minute bbq. I mostly played my DS, making weird music. People from the living room kept trying to discern where it was coming from, until brother-in-law told them it was me. hehe Then drove her dad back to TN. Overall was not too bad really. Not having to leave the house much from Wed at noon when I got off work until Sat evening was pretty much win in a box.
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