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Post#1  Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:12 pm  Reply with quote + 
I realize that not everyone on this board celebrates it, but today is Thanksgiving (or as some affectionately (and sometimes appropriately) call it, Turkey Day). But eh, I felt that a topic should be made anyway.

My bro and I just did what we usually do and we went over to our grandparents' house to celebrate with our family. We, of course, ate turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, biscuits, and all that kind of stuff. Then some of us went and played some rounds of BlazBlue for a while. One of my cousins actually brought his Nintendo 64 and we gamed on that for a little while. We didn't stick around for too long this time though, as there weren't too many people at this occasion, and some of them left early so we didn't bother to stick around much after 4 o'clock (in New England time lol). Then I went home and went on ye olde Bomberman Board. Over all, I guess you can say it was a good holiday, although it may have been more enjoyable if more of the family were around, I was a bit disappointed with how few of us were actually there.

So how did you spend your Thankgiving?
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