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From Topic: Can fanart be weird?
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Post#9  Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:59 pm  Reply with quote + 
Regulus 777 wrote:
That is pretty cool.

Anyway all things considered fan art is what it is. Everyone has their own styles and some people will find some stuff weird while others will think the same piece is really cool. That's the whole idea of fan art really. It's someone taking something they like then making their own version of it. If all fan art looked similar to the original art or concept art then it'd get boring you know? It's cool to see what people will do with something. Sometimes it looks strange to some of us and you'll go eww that's not Mario! or Bomberman..... or whatever?

Can fan art be weird? I believe you've answered that one yourself already.

Should it be weird? Not necessarily but it certainly can be, cause that's what gives the fan art community flavor in my opinion. I like to see all the varying styles and renditions that people come up with. Sure I'm not gonna like them all but it's better then all of them looking the same right?

As usual, you express my thoughts exactly.

If I may add, as an artist myself, I'm always interested in seeing other people's interpretation of something, may it be Mario or something else altogether. Both of those "realistic" Mario and Yoshi pics you put up were awesome in their own way.

Mighty wrote:
Why the sudden need to have a girl in your avatar?

...because he can? XD Besides, it's cute.
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