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Post#56  Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:41 am  Reply with quote + 
Dark Zaphe wrote:
And I would like a wife who would simply love me back. For real, just deep, actual love. But I know that cannot happen.

Have you ever been in love this way? If not, it's not really fair (or realistic) of you to expect it in return.

Dark Zaphe wrote:
A relationship in which you do not love the other person, but merely an idea.... that has no purpose other than to wreck you.

I agree with this. You can't really expect to have a relationship with that person if this is your outlook. At least, one that's reciprocated. That person is going to want to be seen as an individual, and special to you. If they feel like the woman working at the drive thru of McDonald's can make you feel the same way, once they realize this they probably won't be with you for long.

Dark Zaphe wrote:
I am not a man.

You're putting too much weight on the stereotypical definition of "man". We all are individuals, with different ideas, thoughts, and feelings. One of the things that we're born with is a gender. Does this mean that everyone will behave as such? No, of course not. Does that mean all men who are gay are not men because they are attracted to men? Does that make them women? I'm know they wouldn't want to be defined as such. You can't fit people into a compact box labeled "man" or "woman".
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