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Post#24  Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:32 pm  Reply with quote + 
Ao Bomber wrote:
lol, I might get turned down because I'm skinny (You can see my ribcage). I'm not fond of the whole working for the country thing for reasons I don't really want to explain ATM. Dad was making it sound like a good idea, but mom says otherwise, and now I don't know what to do because I'm not even sure what I'd be getting myself into.

No explanations required. I was just at wit's end trying to find a path in life. The guidance counselors pushed me towards the military because I was so poor, having me take ASVABS and all that nonsense, which then got me crazy junk flyers in the mail from every branch after I took the PSAT and did ok on it. I did poorly on the math section of the SAT (1160-ish overall), took it twice and did worse the second time because I didn't care. Retook it only because a counselor guilted me into it, even though they rarely mentioned scholarships despite my decent grades. I was in some limbo where they were not good enough to do anything for me full ride tuition wise but not bad enough that I could not have gotten into a lot of places up in NY had I applied.

My father was Navy (Pearl Harbor believe it or not, he was nearly 40 years older than my mom), and all of my my mom's generation of siblings was military except for her. She had a couple great uncles die while overseas, and random uncles in the service but come home. My brother is Navy, two of my cousins are in the military, etc. Not from patriotism as much as poverty, you know? I am actually the first person on my mother's side of the family to go to and graduate from a four year college, with a cousin graduating from LeMoyne in a year or two.

But to get there, I had to fail at losing enough weight to sign up for their games, because ideologically I don't jive with a lot that goes on militarily speaking. I never would have shaved enough to please them, nor would I have taken orders barked at me very well.  Sad I respect members of the military individually, but as an institution, I have my reservations. A lot of shady stuff happens because of people in power or abusing their authority. As with anything man touches.  Laughing

I had wanted to go into Peacecorps but as I had no life experience and no degree, they didn't want me. I got into Americorps NCCC, all set to move to Colorado to start, and I met some crazy internet gal whom moved in and showed her crazy. Not before I had resigned before even starting. I would not have met my wife had I been off fighting natural disasters, forest wildfires, and rebuilding urban communities/mentoring children. I got to do some of the mentoring thanks to my internship during college though, so that was good.

As far as IRC, I meant a bomberman channel on EFNet, which is a server class on Internet Relay Chat. You can connect to it using a myriad of clients, everything from BitchX in a shell account to mIRC to even using jIRC or Pidgin. The jIRC client I have installed on my old server no longer works except in demo mode meaning you get nag to buy it every line you type, otherwise I would link you to the page. If you are totally seeing Greek now, PM me and I can give you some urls to resources. It's basically what existed before IM came along, before Webchat pages, before local teleconference rooms, before AOL/yahoo chatrooms, and other chatter boxes that people can install into various Internet locations. A lot of people have and still use it to some extent for setting up PC gaming matches, tho nowadays most games have chat features to do this. I even recall various p2p having chat features between users and in rooms at times, though that could be bothersome to avoid being nabbed.

The channel that I speak of is dead much of the time, due to prior users sort of falling off the internet. It's mostly a couple of friends who chat about daily stuff in there, and then me, and the moment a German guy was originally there to find a German friend of mine whom he knew from another channel. He has not left and complains about ops when he is drunk, not often in English, but overall it's a tame channel with anime talk, game talk, coding talk, Linux talk, general day-to-day chat, etc. I joined it back in '98 when I moved here to NC and found that despite bomberman being popular, it wasn't a bomberman channel per say but just friends who did like the series. From there I got to know them more, brought in a couple people I knew from time to time, and generally idle unless my host is active. I say my host, since he hosts my old site mentioned before. It is one of several channels I idle in on EFNet, that vacuum of souls known to destroy your social life and raccoon your eyes from use.

Hope that answers your query, Ao Bomber.  Very Happy"
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